November 19-2019
One Take Media Co. obtains rights to 3D animated series ‘Gattu Adventure to the World’ 

One Take Media Co.(OTMC) has acquired the rights for the popular global 3D animated series Gattu Adventure to the World for SAARC countries. The series consists of 26 episodes of 13 minutes each, which are available in English, Hindi and other languages. 

Gattu: Adventure to the World series revolves around Gattu and his friends who travel around the world as an agent squad, to help people solve their problems. Although their journeys are full of danger and unknown adventures, these brave agents are highly committed to their missions and never step back. On their way to the global adventure, they learn about local cultures and customs, which are accompanied with funny stuff and interesting stories.  

Gattu visits places like Lochness in UK, Dinosaur Park in Canada, Venetian Carnival in Venice, Bullfighting festival in Spain, Monkey Festival in Thailand and so on. He finds out the secrets to the problems in each location and with his wit and talent resolves the problems at each place.

One Take Media co-founder and CEO Anil Khera said, “A good children’s show ought to teach you something. Gattu Adventure to the World will teach children how to find a solution to all problems rather than being bogged down by them. Also his visits to various locations in the world, will create excitement and curiosity in kids for travel and adventure. I hope watching Gattu Adventure to the World will be a delight to children and give them an enthralling as well as entertaining experience.”