April 2-2015
Nick sheds rating points, still No.1 in WK 13 of TAM TV ratings

In week 13 of TAM TV ratings, Nick continues to lead the kiddie pack on the broadcast front with 222 TVTs (232 TVTs last week) and is closely followed by Turner International India’s prime channel Cartoon Network with 218 TVTs (204 TVTs), even as its younger sibling Pogo gained 10 TVTs over the past week to secure the fourth position with 191 TVTs (181 TVTs).

Coming in at number three was Hungama which has sustained its rating points with 192 TVTs (193 TVTs). The fifth spot was taken by Disney Channel India with 173 TVTs (165 TVTs). In terms of reach, Nick was at 40 per cent followed by Pogo with 39 per cent.

Note: The data provided in the article is for All India, TG: CS 4-14 ABC, 0700-2200 Hrs given by a channel and the ratings are in absolute numbers of Television Viewership in Thousands (TVTs).