May 16-2019
Marvel welcomes a new Venom in ‘Spider-Man: Life Story’

Spider-Man: Life Story comic is set to take familiar events from the Spiderman story and plays them out in real time.

The Marvel comic from Chip Zdarsky and Mark Bagley will be exploring different decades for Peter Parker. Starting in the 1960s, the recent third issue of the mini-series looks at Spider-Man in the ’80s.
In a nod to the Secret Wars crossover, the symbiotic costume is donned by Spidey which transforms him to the dreaded monster.

He visits his wife, Mary Jane, and newborn twins in an alien costume as they attempt to take care of the ailing Aunt May. MJ finds it difficult to accept that Spider-Man will always seemingly take precedence over Peter’s family, with Parker going away for days, or even weeks, on end.

As Spidey sees an impostor wearing his costume and commit crimes, Peter investigates, only to find himself attacked by Kraven The Hunter. Post the events of Kraven’s Last Hunt, an older Peter is buried in his own grave, he’s saved by the alien symbiote who care for Parker’s life. Influences by the effects of costume and his anguish at nearly losing his life, Spider-Man faces Kraven, gigantic in size thanks to the alien costume.

Spider-Man Life Story releases on a monthly basis from Marvel Comics.