October 12-2017
Marvel confirms ‘Black Panther’ to have a Lego spin-off movie

Chadwick Boseman in and as Black Panther

The Lego fever is surely spreading like wild fire. And after witnessing massive box-office success with the release of The Lego Batman movie earlier in the year, there’s more reason for the Lego fans to be excited.

Reason? Marvel has officially announced a Lego movie of the upcoming superhero fantasy Black Panther.

Although we’re still months away before the King of Wakanda unleashes those deadly claws, Marvel is already zeroing-in on a Lego version of the movie named Black Panther: Trouble in Wakanda.

Unlike its live-action equivalent, the Lego movie won’t be a theatrical release and nothing else has been confirmed just yet. But with the Lego franchise gaining continued popularity and the eventual release of Black Panther, this project may only add more fuel to the fire.

Trouble in Wakanda may still be many moons away before its open to viewership, but Marvel’s Black Panther rolls into theatres on 16 February 2018.