September 23-2014
Hello Horizon ropes in Emmy Award winning writer Jeffrey Scott for its maiden animation project ‘Zeth&Zuna’

Hello Horizon, a brand new UK production company, is set to launch at MIPCOM this October with an exciting new 3D animated TV series called Zeth&Zuna.

Produced by co-creators and founders of Hello Horizon, Rajnish Arora, executive producer (also founder of Source Animation, India, the animation production studio for Zeth&Zuna), and former BBC researcher Elyssa Edmonstone, the pilot is written by three time Emmy Award winning writer Jeffrey Scott.

The proposed 26 x11 minute 3D animated series will follow the adventures of two robot siblings and their robotic animal friends, in an enchanting virtual world, where their real life issues are brought to life, and resolved. The programme is targeted at 4-6 year olds. “As an animated series it is essentially about having fun, and providing stimulating action and laughter, but in a solid, traditional way, giving the characters the opportunity to explore their own moral foundations. This done by tackling issues such as the importance of teamwork, learning to communicate, overcoming and embracing differences and expressing compassion,” says Elyssa.

Each episode will explore topics in a non-pious and age-appropriate way, such as disability, discrimination and environment that will lead to personal, social and moral growth. With the guiding figure as the robots’ human father (voiced by Charles Dance), it also cements the father/child bond that commentators have previously accused programme-makers of undervaluing or misrepresenting.

“Our stories will be relevant to boys and girls of all backgrounds and cultures, making this a global product,” continues Rajnish. “It will also encompass wide brand cross-media licensing and merchandising opportunities with potential for apps, games, books and toys.”

With a pilot episode in the final stage of production, Hello Horizon is now seeking broadcasters, co-producers, financiers, distributors, and other cross-media opportunities to help develop this project into a full first series and will be heading to MIPCOM this year scouting for the same.