December 6-2014
Get ready to board the ‘Train of Thoughts’ with Crimzon Studio at Comic-Con Mumbai

Every person who travels in the train has an unusual trait, each one of us has a story to tell and has been a hero to someone at some point, and that’s what differentiates the characters of Crimzon studio’s upcoming graphic novel Train of Thoughts.

Train of Thoughts was in my mind since a long time, in fact even before we started working on other titles. As I was born and brought up in Mumbai, travelling through local trains was always fun and my part of interest. As an observer I used my travel time understanding the crowd, making friends, as I kept on pushing my thoughts about creating stories around the train and the commuters travelling; that’s when the Graphic novel idea struck me and I started doing my R&D on it,” revealed Crimzon Studio founder Amit Ghadge.

The story has been written by Khushnaz Bode, who has worked on Crimzon’s earlier comic The Wreck Age. Gyuricza Barbara from Ukraine, has created the character art and thumbnails for the dream scenes and Leonardo Vergari from Italy, has contributed during the stylisation stage.

“Donny Gandakusuma from Indonesia and Pankaj Tulaskar are the lead pencillers who have worked on the two different worlds. Girish Malap helped us with the flats, whereas Khushnaz and I have worked on the colours. Sunita Yadav has fashioned some awesome artwork for the posters, postcards, and bookmarks which we will be giving out along with the book,” added Amit.

This new graphic novel consists of about 56 pages and will have a few pinups, character art, R&D pages, and an interesting scene script from Crimzon Studio’s next story which is based on horror. “We will definitely be giving out a few free and discounted copies at the Mumbai Comic Con,” said Amit.

The printed hard copy of Train of Thoughts will be available online for all the people who love to read, and have travelled in Mumbai locals or wish to travel someday.

“We got a 100 per cent positive feedback from our previous title so we will soon be launching four more stories of different genres. We are also planning to add more stories to this current graphic novel if it does well and gets a good response,” ended Amit.