October 10-2014
Charuvi Design Lab to explore opportunities at MIPCOM 2014

We all have fantasies and dreams, but how many of us actually make them a reality? Charuvi Agrawal, founder Charuvi Design Lab (CDL), didn’t let go of her dreams easily. She grew up in different cultures and imbibed learnings as rich brush strokes in her artworks. She was named as one of the “emerging 10 who would transform the global artistic landscape” at the Incredible India@60 Festival in New York. Seven years later, Charuvi organised a show like none other, a show where mythology met technology, and both conjured a beautiful art form.

A 25 feet sculpture of Hanuman, made of 26,500 bells was recently installed in New Delhi’s Select Citywalk Mall. In front of the installation was kept a pair of khadau (traditional Indian footwear), touching which would make all the 26,500 bells ring simultaneously.And this grand piece of art was made to promote Charuvi Design Lab’s animated film Shri Hanuman Chalisa.

“We received a fabulous response; those who could not reach and check out the show are writing to us about the next one. Fans are coming from different cities just to witness the exhibition. We have got lot of inquiries about media installations; people are interested in buying the idols. I feel overwhelmed,” exclaimed Charuvi to AnimationXpress.com.

Around two months of hard work was put in to make this installation. Ten helpers were involved to erect the entire installation. On being asked whether she would showcase the same in other malls, Charuvi explained: “Various other malls have also shown keen interest in having the Hanuman structure showcased in their premise, but I’m not too keen in repeating the same exhibit at a similar venue. As of now we’re selling our merchandise on our website and Facebook page. As per future demands for the merchandise we would think of possibilities to tie up with any e-commerce website.”

The exhibit also featured intricately hand-painted narratives on the traditional Rajasthani kavad, twenty-five 3D-printed and hand-painted figurines of the characters from the film, a hologram, an interactive Google and iPhone app and an interactive installation using XBox Kinect that highlights the chakras of any person standing in front of it.

“Shri Hanuman Chalisa DVD was the most purchased merchandise during the exhibition. Fans love the app, the feedback of the same has been very encouraging. One can download Shri hanuman Chalisa app (paid version) online. The android version let’s you experience few interactive chapters free of cost,” expounded Charuvi.

This is not all; the young lady is all set to fly off to Cannes for attending MIPCOM for the first time this year. “Yes, this is going to be my first visit to MIPCOM. The purpose is to promote CDL as a unique multidisciplinary lab which besides animation, ventures into media installations and IP creation as well,” ended Charuvi.