September 23-2019
Breaking: PlayBae’s upcoming game ‘In The Shadows’ bags “Best Puzzle Game 2019” title at Tencent GWB Awards

Indie game developing company PlayBae’s upcoming new game, In The Shadows bagged the “Best Puzzle Game” of 2019 accolade at Tencent Gaming Without Boundaries (GWB) Awards.

In an exclusive conversation with AnimationXpress, PlayBae founder Nakul Verma shared “To my extreme surprise, ITS had won the “Best Puzzle Award” beating a lot of unique games in its category. Unfortunately, I could not go to the event to collect the award but Tencent has offered to help in the journeys of developers like me in promotion and development.”

During the GWB awards innovative, independent video game developers submit their upcoming games from around the globe. According to the set of rules of the awards, the winner will receive professional consultation, technical and publishing support, funding, and publicity for their upcoming games from Tencent.

Earlier at Indian Game Developer Conference (IGDC) 2018, In the shadows received the ‘Upcoming Game Of The Year’, post that he “met with the Tencent team at their booth and came to know about the GWB awards that encourage games with unique and innovative gameplay. In The Shadows (ITS) is a very unique game, seemed to be a good match for this competition so I applied online at the appropriate time.”

Post winning the Award Verma shared that there is no cash prize involved as such, however they said they would help in promotion but nothing is planned and shared yet. Says Verma on winning the award, “it is a major source of encouragement and motivation for me because the development of  ITS has been taking a lot of time and resources and an award like this can really get things back on track.”

His future plan is to work on the game and to add narrative as well which will require another four to five months to complete it latest. Adding to that he asserts that he is reaching out to publishers and collaborations might change the future road map for the IP.