September 27-2014
Anibrain School of Media Design offering career in gaming!

The new age gaming consoles like PS3 and XBox has revolutionalized the gaming industry over a decade. This has resulted into more career options in this marvellous field of Gaming. If you are passionate about Gaming and willing to work hard, then an exciting and fabulous career is awaiting for you.

Gaming is a continuously changing field enabling you to reinvent yourself.

A few years ago, there were only two fields in Gaming that were promptly focused – Game Author and Game Publisher. The game author was responsible for designing, writing and also had to manage profiles of programmer, artist, musician, sound technician, and tester. Then, the Game publisher used to earn royalties based on the number of copies sold. To be précised, a role of Game Publisher was no more less than a book publisher!

With the advancements in technology and thanks to the evolving gaming culture, there have been number of job opportunities available with varied job titles. To enlist a few, these job titles range from 2D background artist to a  art director audio programmer, brand manager to engine programmer, game tester to scenario designer, script writer to user interface designer.

Lot many career options are available, and there’s something in store for everyone.


Interested in music composing? Than Career in composing is definitely a good option for you. To become a successful Game composer one must have musicianship and composition experience. Should be able to grasp the skills of immersion, musical themes, understand music and game genres, workflow and learn to coordinate with a development team. Linear music, interactive music, both rendered and generative, audio technology, mixers and preamps to software are definitely add-on for this career.

Game Writer

Writing for the game industry is different than writing for any other industry. Gaming involves lots of interactivity. Writer needs to create his art in support of the game designer. As the game gets complex, the need for strong narration deepens, thus making a job of Game writer more important.

The basic step to become a successful writer is to play as many games as you can and learn from them. Come up with ideas for games, and write your own scripts for them. Enrich your experience as you dive into this field of game writing.

To start with, you can apply for company’s online. Many game publishers post their writer’s guidelines on their website and typically require a sample script with character development.

Visual Artist

Visual effects that we watch every time in Games or Movies plays a very crucial part. Gone are the days of presenting the entirety of game play through text. From commercial perspective, this is the most expensive part of game development.

Before 3D graphics evolved, the visual artist had to work with background 2D scenes and the design of characters that would move across the screen. The 3D art changed the picture drastically.

A visual artist has to create a 2D art, such as, concept art, sprites, textures and environment backdrops; and 3D art, like models, animations and level layout.

Game Programmer

This is the oldest profession in industry. Becoming a game programmer means finding a balance between the right education and the ability to demonstrate real-world skills, such as proficiency in programming languages.

Many programmers begin their careers at a junior position. Programmers can choose their area of specialization based on their expertise. Game programmer needs thorough hands on knowledge in audio, physics, artificial intelligence and graphics. Programmer need to analyze both game plot and code, in order to overcome any follies in game.

3D and graphics programmers, engine developers, interface programmers who specialize in code that supports the communication between the game and the game player, network and multiplayer programmers who are interested in how parts of the game can exist on more than one computer. Artificial Intelligence programmers who specialize in writing artificial intelligence for games, audio programmers who implement the sounds and music created by the audio artist; physics programmers who are concerned with how objects move and interact in a consistent physical world, and quality assurance programmers who test and ensure quality in the game software.

Audio Artist

 The sounds in previous games were pretty simple. Sound and music are very critical to the interface design. Due to more interactivity in gaming, the job profile of an audio artist in gaming is entirely different than in film making.

An audio artist must directly interact with game design and structure to enhance interactivity of the game.

Game Testing

 Game testing is a part of game development, is actually a software testing process carried to enhance quality control of games.The basic function of game testing is finding and documenting bugs. Interactive entertainment software testing is a highly technical field requiring computing expertise, analytic competence, critical evaluation skills and endurance.

With more and more reports of emotional and financial stress in recent past, the game testing process has come under the scanner.


 The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself. With new games launching every month, marketing has become very important. If you don’t market your game, you will fall behind the big-time competitors. If marketing is your dream job, you must first know about marketing in general.

Game Designer

The requirement for game designers and the relevant careers is expected to grow in coming years as consumer demands are increasing. A Game designer must have a strong set of skills, including programming, video graphics and hardware.

A Game is software that runs a routine while also accepting commands and data from controllers. Software contains the basic language that brings games to life. It is therefore necessary that a designer must have good programming skills and thorough knowledge of software’s.

If you really wish to make a bright career in gaming, there are tons of options to choose from. Self analysis and thorough knowledge will help you build expertise in particular area of gaming. A lot of people are novice when it comes to the gaming, since it is very upcoming career. If you have adrenaline inside and you are ready for challenge, world of gaming is a right choice for you!