June 13-2018
Aeon Flux, a part of Liquid Television, returns to the MTV network

Aeon FluxIn 1990s, MTV had telecasted an animated show called as Liquid Television. Often written as Æon Flux, this MTV animated series is returning to the network as a live-action series. Twenty seven years and one failed cinematic adaptation later, the series is being rebooted once again.

The original animated show was created by Peter Chung (Rugrats) and the much-loved Aeon Flux ran for several short seasons throughout the mid 90s. It first aired as a series of six shorts, which proved well-liked, thus in 1992, it expatiate into five individual short-form episodes. Later in 1995, the series was embellished with a 10-episode of half-hour series. The show’s first two seasons used very little dialogue and relied mostly on sound effects. The last season began to feel more like a traditional series. Aeon Flux

In 2005, an American science fiction spy action film was produced based on this animated science fiction television series. Initially, the movie was a complete flop, but Viacom, MTV’s parent company, still sees value in the entity.

The story was set in the future world of the year 7698 after an environmental collapse has wiped out all of the world’s population except for two cities — formerly was Eastern Europe. The series focuses on a female assassin, Aeon Flux from a nation called Monica, who joins forces with a group of young rebels to save the human race.

The series was highly aimed at adults as it comprises graphic depictions of violence as well as domination. What’s disappointing is that the story will not continue in an animated form. Its bold style and creative graphics are impossible to be transformed into a live-action form. The upcoming live-action show will be developed by Jeff Davis (Teen Wolf) and Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead) — who also produced 2005 film version of this series.


Hopefully that the new cast of the upcoming series will be as good to see as the animated characters were.