July 19-2016
3D artists gain powerful production tracking as ftrack releases Cinema 4D integration

ftrack, the leading project management platform for creative collaborators, has launched a new integration with MAXON’s Cinema 4D digital content creation package.

The new integration enables MAXON Cinema 4D users to access projects, publish and import files, and manage activities via an ftrack panel implemented into the Cinema 4D user interface. ftrack’s toolset works seamlessly with Cinema 4D’s solutions, enabling improved and streamlined collaboration across 3D projects.

The integration is available now and is free of charge.

MAXON, product & partnership management director, Oliver Meiseberg said, “Cinema 4D projects can grow incredibly complex. An integration with ftrack is therefore hugely beneficial – its organisational and collaborative workflows empower Cinema 4D artists’ creativity, enabling them to concentrate on design, imagination and ideas, rather than the administrative chores that ftrack effortlessly takes care of.”

Cinema 4D

Key integration features

  • Instant access to project management – Gain a simplified overview of your assigned tasks from the ftrack panel within Cinema 4D. Browse and drill down into any project.
  • Dive into details – Easily access task information, notes and published files from the ftrack panel in Cinema 4D. Import tracked files from ftrack or share notes.
  • Publish your work online – Send files onto ftrack’s cloud platform directly from Cinema 4D. ftrack supports a broad range of storage options, including your own file system.

New features are planned for later in 2016, including the ability to create projects and tasks directly from within Cinema 4D, without the need to set up projects in ftrack itself.

New ftrack users can sign up for a free 30-day free trial to try out this integration. Users can also follow Cinema 4D projects when away from the desk with the ftrack Go app.

Cinema 4D 1

Autodesk 3ds Max integration

ftrack integration with Autodesk 3ds Max is also now available, featuring similar functionality as the existing Autodesk Maya and The Foundry NUKE integrations. The ftrack 3ds Max integration includes Exocortex’s Alembic prebuild for 2016 and 2017, providing better export for the Alembic format.

ftrack, CEO, Fredrik Limsä​t​er said, “We believe that software development, especially with a product like ftrack, is best led by the user. These integrations are testament to that belief. The ftrack Cinema 4D integration satisfies a great user demand for improved creative workflow across design and motion graphics. This development, along with 3ds Max integration, will open the platform up to better serve artists who use Cinema 4D and Adobe products as their content creation solutions of choice.”

Along with Cinema 4D and 3ds Max, ftrack currently offers deep integrations with numerous creative applications, including Adobe’s Creative Cloud (Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects), The Foundry’s NUKE, Autodesk Maya, Cospective’s cineSync and more.