June 19-2018
2.0: Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer adds 100 crore to its budget

2.0The movie had estimated the budget at Rs. 400 crore, but the completion requires an addition of more funds in the project. Another Rs. 100 crore is added to their budget to accelerate the delayed VFX work and special effects. According to the sources, the movie was budgeted at Rs. 160 crore at the initial stage.

The release date was shifted repeatedly and the movie is expected to finally release during Republic day 2019. One of the changed dates for the release was Republic day 2018. Due to this delay, the investors have ordered S Shankar, the director, to halt the making of the next movie Indian 2 till 2.0 is completed.

Earlier, there were rumours of disagreement with a VFX company and legal actions were taken by the movie-makers. The mess is because the crew shot the movie with expensive cameras without doing their homework and sent the film to an American FX company for post-production. Due to this dispute, repetitive delays took place and the budget was raised to escalate the operations. Since Shankar has an eye for perfection and attends to every detail personally, the movie will be produced to meet the International film standards. The movie is assumed to deal with an issue of mobile addictions.

Shankar’s 2.0 stars Amy Jackson and Akshay Kumar, his first Tamil film.

Another issue that the movie will likely face in future is while promoting in North India. Rajinikanth is considered God in South, whereas he has no strong foothold in North. Whereas Akshay Kumar has a good reputation in North, he might not be the right choice for promotions as he is playing the antagonist. It’s a matter of time when the news breaks out and the promotions begin.