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January 9-2013
Wilson Louis Films working on VFX for ‘Machli Jal Ki Rani Hai’: In Talks with Filmmaker Wilson Louis

Can you share a brief synopsis of “Machli Jal ki Rani Hai” and how were you approached for this film?
‘Machli Jal ki Rani Hai’ is a supernatural thriller film, for the masses. It’s a story of girl possessed by a demonic soul and how she fights for her family and herself against it. After working as an VP/Visual effects director- producer for different studios like CMM, Maya and Future works, I started doing visual effects only for my films with my own studio and post production company Wilson Louis films(WLF).

My action director PK of the film “kaalo” wanted me to work on Debaloy Dey’s  film ‘MJKRH’ as a visual effects director . Initially, I was not really interested to work for outside films, but after meeting Debaloy De things changed, he made me to see things which probably I was missing and should have done long time back. In between direction of your own films you need to get some space and do something of your own which acts a energizer for the next film  and for me it was visual effects which has  been my forte . The film director, his subject and the genre also made me get excited to do visual effects for his film. My perception has now changed and to do visual effects again for others, is giving me tremendous happiness.

Please tell us about the visual effects done for this film, how many VFX shots does it have?
There around 450 shots in the film. To be honest horror films are the most difficult films to direct as it requires a lot of technical abilities on the shoot as well as in pre and post production stages. As I said earlier this is a masses horror film so the visual effects should be little loud to be lovable to be appreciated by the masses too but we have to draw a line from being too loud and subdued, so it was fun for me.

There is some great ire and magical stuff for the main character Ugra, ghostly stuff for the scary sequences, nightmares and souls for possession sequences, complicated choreographed wire removals, character generated models ,compositing and with some matte painting stuff.

What was the brief given by the director for the film and your Initial reactions after hearing it?
I was on board five days before the film shoot, and was called on to the location Bhopal directly by producer Mr. Deep Raj Rana and Mr.Viny Raj Modi.

Director Debaloy De is a friend, I knew him from quite some time, and honestly I realized it’s more fun when you work only in one department, you get your own given space for it.After hearing the narration of the film I asked if he wanted the visual effects treatment his own way or my way, he said his way and here we are now on postproduction, it’s great when the director puts his vision straight and very clear of his approach.

How much time has it taken to work on the film and at what stage has it reached?
It took a month to do supervision for the film shoot, the post is still going on in WLF, and it will take three months for the post to be completed.

Software’s including Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds max, Eye On Fusion, Adobe After effects and some basic software’s are used to execute the VFX of the movie.

According to you which is the best scene in the entire movie?
The climax scene shot in Bhedaghat, Jabalpur Bhopal is a very good scene. Also,the scene on the Ghats is just terrific and surely will be noticed as it has some great action involved by some great acting and stunts by actress Swara Bhaskar.

What was the most challenging task on how did you tackle it?
According to me, It was the main protagonist actress being possessed,  shown the  possession in such a way that the audience gets to see the possession by demon in the human body and so to experiment and do something in that zone was a terrific challenge for and yes the climax scene is just amazing.

How many artists worked on this movie? And for how long?
There are around fifteen to twenty digital artists who work for me from their respective studios and an official place, My Studio Wilson Louis films, the Vfx division  is a hub where I delegate work to the best talent around. It’s around a 3 month working schedule for this film.

Could you give a list of key people involved in this movie?
There are many departments in visual effects and it a great big team which makes it happen, which will be on the credit list soon. But to mention some key names we have Godwin Fernandes, Sanjay Prasad, Kunal Sutar and Nilesh jhadav.

So what is the latest for you in the world of commercials?
Doing a lot of cement Tvc’s, I’m cementing my place in the world of commercials and its fun. Shree Ultra cement TVC was my biggest commercial as a director and it did wonders for me. The creature attacking building was instantly liked by the client and its innumerous run on TV has made them and obviously me happy too.

In fact the owners of the cement company have now offered me to produce some commercials concepts which have not been worked or experimented before.

I have just finished shooting the series and it’s on the way for post-production, the series will be on air in Jan- Feb. 2013. It’s a huge challenging task but that’s the way commercials are, the 30 seconders need the same attention as a 2 hour film requires and demands.

As of now my company Wilson Louis films (WLF) will be producing around 8 commercials in the year 2011-12 and most of the commercials are highly visual effect based. Don’t be surprised if you get see monsters, creatures and super humans on your screens.

It’s been noticed that you love the genre of horror and super humans; you have a lot of interesting stuff happening in your projects.
It’s not the matter of wierdo,horror or supernatural, it’s just I love experimenting , I feel in our country one does not take a step to experiment  for a number of reasons right from budget ,execution and acceptance, But then someone somewhere has to do it and I feel it’s me and with stuff like creatures, ghosts, super humans, it gives me a high and a sense of achievement , even if my work  fails at least I have tried, this thought process has  been with me right from beginning and in fact most of the time I put in my own money to get it done , but I will do it, so I’ll keep doing it if  is films, commercials or short films there a lot of mediums to let it out.

You are a director yourself, and now you have your own set up of post production for Vfx, so is it a dual role?
Before direction was working as a visual effects director and VP to post production studios like Maya, Future works and CMM, my role was specific and enjoyable.

As a visual effects director I had to take care of shots on the shoot and was focused only to the visual effects department and never really bothered about the rest of departments, and also being into the management of the postproduction department, I was more interested in the inflow of the company. So after a period of time the thought process was on how much your studio makes for the given project. The pressures of working for the studio gets on to you and the end results and not always very great.

As a director, I understand what happens on shoot with other directors and producers, which are production hassles, director issues with budget restrictions and the limitations of post-production studios, So with this film as a visual effects director, it has helped to open out to relate to those producer directors who are keen on having good effects but there could be n no of reasons for them for not getting it right. A division of Wilson Louis films my company will only cater to visual effects and we now target for few films where visual effects will be justified.

You can contact wilson louis by emailing him at wilsonlouisfilms@gmail.com

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