March 10-2014
UnderDOGS Gaming Adds Ghost Racing Mode & New Controls to ‘Parking Evolution 3D’

Parking Evolution 3D [PE3D], a single player gaming app, with the objective to park your, is the latest offering from UnderDOGS Gaming Studio. To add more excitement for the game players, the studio has introduced new levels with added controls.

PE3D, which is targeted at game players aged 6 and above, is available as a free app on Android with gaming controls for both right handed and left handed players, the game also has a classic arrow based driving where all four arrows indicate directions of where to drive and the steering wheel which has to be controlled in a very precision manner to drive.

Informing about the new enhancements to this game, Vaibhav Chavan, Founder of UnderDOGS Gaming, says, “Seeing the demand for our game, we decided to instill major updates to the game and hence have added Ghost car Racing in which If you play any level second time, you can see a ghost car in the level which replicates the path you drove in your best time.”

Adds more, “Also, there is Truck Mode with 30 challenging levels where you not only drive to the parking lot without crashing but also have to drive very carefully maintaining the balance so that nothing is dropped from the truck.

Steering Wheel and Handbrake in this game are re introduced with new control systems. Game is made in UNITY using C# programming.

With this game, Vaibhav wants players to learn the nuances of driving and parking vehicles.

“It’s true that most of the feedbacks received have pointed out that they’ve learnt driving by playing our game. A player named Mayur Verma shared this comment with us, “Wow, so great I learnt how to park my Honda city car after playing this game. So good!”

The upcoming version of this game will be multiplayer app and shall release on Windows, iOS, Amazon and OUYA.