May 15-2012
Virtualinfocom developing mytho games and comics on ‘Ravana’

Concept sketch of Ravana

Kolkata headquartered Virtualinfocom (having offices across India in Kolkata, Jaipur, Pune and Allahabad and Nigeria and New York as well) is working on developing a comic and game involving the enigmatic character of Ravana.

The concept which is full of wisdom, perspective and strong drama has The protagonist as a Boy living in the slums, he’s not educated. His life, Its about survival, no right no wrong, he
meets a scientist who is on the verge of discovering if they can regenerate Ravana. When they are about to bring back Ravana – they find that they have to give a human sacrifice – The villan working with the scientist sacrifices the Hero’s head – But Unknown to them all, it turns out that the person who is sacrificed is actually the one who can obtain Ravana’s powers. — So The hero actually reaches Ravan who offers him his powers – the hero declines the power on grounds that Ravana is evil. But Ravana explains that it is not power that is evil but what you do with power is either evil or good. – The hero accepts the power and in the journey later on figures out that nothing is absolutely good or bad and depending on the vantage point that one is at, one has to take decisions and to stick to one’s role and one’s karma.

Speaking to about Ravana, Arijit Bhattacharyya, CEO and the Founder of ‘VirtuaIinfocom’ said, “Mythology is always our first preference, as we believe India has got an excellent Science fiction story which has got real Heroes and real Science. It’s there in Mahabharata and Ramayana. Each thing whether it’s politics or science or arts. So we are making things which are there in us with a cube of commerce.”

Concept sketch of Ravana

The story is created by Amit Trivedi who is COO at Virtualinfocom and is being developed by Virtualinfocom’s artists. At present 32 artists are working for the game and comics.

The action adventure game involves the player trying to find Ravana, then cross the stages and increase his powers via quests, action and puzzles. He will be able to awaken new powers and find artifacts, weapons and the user will have to decide on which powers to take up and will do the weapon selection as well. There are 15 levels with a proper story in the game which is being made for the PC and the iphone. The comics will be in a digital format for iphone, android and windows platforms.

Further talking about the most difficult task Arijit said, “Most challenging part is that from a very long time Ravana is considered as devil or the most evil person in our mythology so bringing his character with a perspective of its own and its own reasons, is the most difficult part. The story examples and incidents mixed with art have made us hopeful to deliver our message slowly to our audiences.”

Virtualinfocom is also developing another animated series based on Science fiction and hasalso started India’s first remote network cloud based online game development training institute through which they are imparting training students from UK, Japan and Middle East .