September 12-2012
Chariot Comics Launches its comic book ‘The Templar’ at first ever Comic Con Express at Bengaluru

The Templar –Issue 1 a 26 page comic book around the story of creation of a new world called The Knight Templers, an epic fantasy adventure story set in alternate history.

The book is written by Shuvorup Bhattacharjee with Pencil and Inks done by Tamal Saha and Colours and Letters executed by Santosh Pillewar who have also designed the cover art. Aniruddho Chakraborty, one of the co-founders and the Executive Editor of Chariot Comics along with Tamal Saha, inaugurated the book at Comic Con Express Bengaluru. Published by Chariot Comics , this book is targeted at the age group of 15 and above and is priced at INR 40.

Speaking to’s Zeenia Boatwala about ‘The Templar’, Aniruddho shared, “The Templar is a concept, which hasn’t been attempted in Indian Comics before and I feel this makes it the USP of this book. This books talks about the epics in a wider scale and I think it will really make a good difference and will be an enjoyment to the readers. Also, as the story is based on alternate history, the research on the characters, its accessories was a crucial and difficult task. ”

‘The Templar’ shows an interesting comparison between today’s world and how would have the world been if some events like wars went into other direction. The protagonist in this comic book is Prince Vashisht, around whom the story of ‘The Templar’ revolves. Chariot comics will be launching 4 more issues of this book by February next year. We are now looking at Comic Con Delhi, in February to launch most of our series as graphic novels and also enter the kids market!”

Chariot Comics started its work on the book in March this year and this book will be available in leading e-retail stores soon and also on the official website of Chariot Comics. ‘The Templar’ is currently available as part of Chariot Comics digital subscription plan of INR 100 and can be viewed on most iOS and Android phones and Tabs.

Talking more on the look and feel of ‘The Templar’, Tamal Saha, Pencil and Inks Artist for ‘The Templar’ shared, “The story of templar is based on the 18th century so it was essential to give the feel of it. We had to research on the kinds of transport and many other aspects, which would have existed during the alternate history time. Lots of energy and hard work has gone into bringing ‘The Templar’ to the level it has come out to be and the entire team worked very enthusiastically on this book.”