Adaalat 2
500 VFX shots delivered for tonight’s ‘Adaalat’ Season 2 episode
5:00 pm PDT 23/07/2016 By Prerna Kothari

The hour long courtroom drama series which paved its way in the hearts of Indian audiences with its gripping story, Adaalat after a successful five year run is once again back on a grandeur scale. This can be observed in tonight’s ‘Fighter plane’ episode wherein heavy usage of visual effects will be observed. The biweekly series airs on Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 pm and has been produced by Contiloe Pictures wherein Ronit Roy reprises his character as KD Pathak … Read More

Ghostbusters 2
Deluxe’s Iloura puts the ‘Ghosts’ in Ghostbusters
3:00 pm PDT 22/07/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Ghosts in the house can be horrifying or deliberately funny. The recent Ghostbusters movie which released on 15 July had both these elements. And these elements were amplified as The Iloura team completed 500 shots for the film creating the CGI ghosts. Led by Iloura VFX supervisors Glenn Melenhorst and Andrew Hellen and Iloura VFX producers Ineke Majoor and Jeannette Manifold, the feature was coloured by Jill Bodganowicz at Deluxe’s Culver City, CA facility. Iloura’s slate of work focused on look … Read More

Abhimanyu Singh, CEO - Contiloe
Contiloe CEO draws light on the VFX carried on Ashoka, Hanuman, Maharana Pratap and the state of the creative industry
7:30 pm PDT 20/07/2016 By Prerna Kothari

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman, Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap. All these shows have one thing in common apart from the fact that they are successful TV shows. All three of them come from the robust production house, Contiloe that’s been actively producing shows that require visual effects. What was once never taken into consideration as the medium that can showcase the unimaginable into reality is now being used as a medium to not only bring the unknown … Read More

FutureWorks provides colour grading and camera equipment for YRF’s ‘Sultan’
5:00 pm PDT 20/07/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Bollywood films have been relying on VFX and CGI to add on the glamour effect and overcome the practical barriers even in films with a simple script. The recent Salman Khan starrer Sultan has a subtle script with demanded less of VFX but more of colour correction and grading in order to bring alive the feel of the actual setting. The VFX studio, FutureWorks, provided colour finishing, DI and camera equipment for director Ali Abbas Zafar’s action-adventure Sultan. The movie … Read More

A Flying Jatt
‘A Flying Jatt’ trailer reveals both sides of the Indian superhero
7:00 pm PDT 18/07/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

It is always a challenge to try something new. And, the greater challenge lies is justifying that new art and proving your potential. Bollywood is recently known for trying new stunts and venturing into the superhero space. The recent A Flying Jatt teaser which came out few days back created a buzz both of excitement and judgemental reactions. And now, Balaji Motion Pictures has released the first official trailer of the film. The trailer begins with a crisis situation where … Read More

Mahesh Baria
There is definitely scope in VFX field, you just need to have the burning desire to do it: Prime Focus, VFX supervisor, Mahesh Baria
6:00 pm PDT 09/07/2016 By Ronald Rodrigues

“It’s all about upgrading yourself, learning new techniques and being curious consistently” The VFX industry though a niche market is quite vast with a number of technicalities and depth of information involved. The more you dig, the more you can find out. Prime Focus, India’s major VFX studio mastering the VFX work for all major Bollywood films, has placed India on the global map in terms of VFX and CG creation. AnimationXpress got in touch with VFX veteran Mahesh Baria … Read More

Jon Snow
Game of Thrones “Battle of the Bastards” created by Deluxe’s VFX studio Iloura
1:00 pm PDT 29/06/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

The recent ‘Battle of the Bastards’ episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones has created a galore of excitement and much of discussion. The dramatic tale has undoubtedly been a profound art due to both its storytelling and visual appeal. The huge fan following of the series is completely justified by the immense thought process and creative input that has been invested in its creation. Deluxe announced that its Australian animation and visual effects studio Iloura delivered a significant suite of … Read More

Method Studios creates digital graffiti for HBO’s ‘Vinyl’
5:00 pm PDT 28/06/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Films, commercials and television drama, Visual Effects has ventured into all the spaces possible to enhance the visual outcome of various projects. Creating structures and destroying the same, both can be done using CGI and VFX techniques and recently, more than creation, destruction of various elements has taken the lead. The iconic Mercer Arts Center performance space was made to collapse digitally in HBO’s TV series Vinyl. As the series is set in 1970s era of New York, VFX work … Read More

Dwayne Johnson
Young, plump and stout version of Dwayne Johnson created digitally in Hollywood feature ‘Central Intelligence’
6:00 pm PDT 23/06/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Creating look alikes or adding prosthetics to visually create a whole new person altogether with similarities has been the new trend in filmmaking. The recent Hollywood Film, Central Intelligence features the creation of a young, fat and stout Dwayne Johnson for a certain portion. The visual effects delivered by studios Rodeo FX, Weta Digital, Cantina Creative and Factory VFX have created what may have seem impossible to produce practically. The plot focussed the creation of a middle aged Dwayne Johnson … Read More

Indian VFX studio RedChillies.VFX showcases its work on ‘FAN’ at effects MTL 2016
4:00 pm PDT 23/06/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

VFX work in India has been blooming in the Bollywood industry since a decade. Almost all the Bollywood films today depend on VFX studios to take the lead and create what may seem impossible, time consuming and tough on budget in practical terms. India is known to possess quite a few VFX studios out of which RedChillies.VFX, the studio that has delivered VFX work for various films like Dilwale, Krrish 3, Ra.One and the recent Shah Rukh Khan starrer FAN, … Read More

Udta Punjab
About 345 VFX shots along with DI delivered by Prime Focus for the critically acclaimed film ‘Udta Punjab’
7:00 pm PDT 21/06/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

After a lot of controversy, the film ‘Udta Punjab’ from Abhishek Chaubey (Ishqiya) hit the screens on 17 June, 2016. Udta Punjab is a gritty, crime thriller exploring the drug abuse in Punjab from a number of perspectives: a rock star, a migrant labourer, a doctor and a cop. Udta Punjab has been produced under the banner of Phantom Films and Balaji Motion Pictures, which was also the distribution company. Providing services to this critically acclaimed film that stars Shahid … Read More

Prime Focus delivers VFX, DI and shooting kit for ‘Housefull 3’
4:00 pm PDT 14/06/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Prime Focus has delivered a full suite of VFX, DI (Digital Intermediate) and wide range of shooting kit for Housefull 3. The Mumbai based VFX studio had earlier delivered the shots for the first two installments of the franchise as well. Of the many VFX shots delivered for Housefull 3, Prime Focus predominantly worked on restructuring the entire architecture of the house, adding crucial extensions and backgrounds. Prime Focus, VFX supervisor, Mahesh Baria explains, “The complexity came in making the … Read More