Karnataka state cabinet approves AVGC policy for 2017 to 2022
2:50 pm PDT 21/07/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

The AVGC industry of Karnataka is all set to go through the roof as the State Cabinet gave its approval for the Karnataka animation, visual effects, gaming and comics policy 2017-2022. The move comes as a real shot in the arm for an industry that has shown the potential to blossom given the spurt in the number of gamers it has witnessed recently. And the news of Karnataka ministry promoting the AVGC policy in the state comes as music to … Read More

Enter into the divine world of Swastik Productions’ Shani: An interview with producer Rahul Kumar Tewary
6:30 pm PDT 18/07/2017 By Sachin Bhat

Shanidev may be considered inauspicious but the show Karmafal Daata Shani has gained favourable response from its viewers. Whilst the story has endeared to the viewers, the visual effects in particular has drawn several plaudits. To gain some more insight into the amazing VFX of Shani, we get in cahoots with the producer Rahul Kumar Tewary from Swastik Productions who discusses the people, work and what variants of the show can the fans expect in future. What made you think … Read More

SBLabs release videos of complex simulations and 3D animation to train VFX artists
1:20 pm PDT 18/07/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

  Europe’s creative production behemoth Saddington Baynes has released a spate of VFX videos as an experiment to train their artists. Entailing the complex simulations and labyrinthine details of 3D animation, this is an attempt by SBLabs, who developed the videos, to shape the technical discipline of the artists for commercial projects. Four such videos were produced by SB’s R&D arm, ranging from celebration of London Pride with CG paint to replicating Gangnam style through motion capture. Here’s a short synopsis … Read More

Shunning the VFX monotony with Shani visual effects supervisor Vipul Valvi
5:58 pm PDT 17/07/2017 By Swati Panda

Ever since the launch, Swastik Productions’ Karmafal Daata Shani has generated a lot of buzz, given this is the first of its kind on a deity who is thought to bring bad luck. Now 180 episodes into the maiden season, Shani continues to go strong. An instrumental part of its success can be attributed to the breath taking visual effects, which has only added to the show’s entertainment. We bring you an exclusive interview with Shani VFX supervisor Vipul Valvi, … Read More

MPC Advertising: An opportunity to create benchmarks in the advertising world using VFX and cutting edge technology
11:00 am PDT 15/07/2017 By Anshita Bhatt

You see a wide road cutting across the woods on a bright day and soon, a beautiful beast on four wheels zooms past, gliding oh so gracefully, showing off its curves and dodging the rocks effortlessly. All this on your TV screen, in between the movie break. And you wouldn’t deny that it is a visual treat, would you? Advertising is a big business, and so is creating the ads. Almost every ad now consists of fantastical landscapes, exotic creatures … Read More

VFX job is not all work, it’s fun too..Just ask Drishyam VFX
6:00 pm PDT 14/07/2017 By Swati Panda

Drishyam VFX may be in only the second year of its operations but it has gone a long way in easing the special effects and VFX demands of the media industry.Started by Drishyam Films, the studio that has produced award winning films like Masaan, Dhanak, Newton, Waiting, etc offers diverse services ranging from chroma keying to VFX composting, 3D real estate walkthroughs and 3D CGI services.Their USP is that they have multiple senior creative consultants working with them. Hence the … Read More

MEAI bolsters the ‘Make In India’ belief with its Indian Delegation to Canada
5:30 pm PDT 14/07/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Media & Entertainment Association of India (MEAI) was set-up with the sole vision of bridging boundaries and serving as a catalyst for B2B networking for Indian companies in the Media & Entertainment space. Over the course of the last year it has helped companies in exploring viable and profitable business association opportunities by traveling to various global events successfully. Adding yet another feather to its hat, MEAI is leading a strong 8 member Indian Delegation to effects MTL in Montreal … Read More

An ‘awe-rambh’ experience: In conversation with VFX heads Abhishek Guha and Devendra Kumar
7:08 pm PDT 13/07/2017 By Sachin Bhat

Aarambh which has been produced by Rose Audio Visuals may be only six episodes old but the mythological show has already become an integral part of several viewers’ weekend plans. Airing only on Saturdays and Sundays in Star Plus, the Goldie Behl directed fiction is set in the age of Vedas and chronicles the intense rivalry between the Aryans and the Dravidans. In a historical fiction like this one, the visual effects are at the cynosure of the work. But the … Read More

How VFX is benefiting from Cloud computing
4:39 pm PDT 12/07/2017 By Sachin Bhat

Working with visual effects isn’t just challenging but also very taxing. It requires large data storage and processor-intensive resources. Rendering the VFX data such as animation image requires access to resources such as superior server power to sustain the highly time-consuming and expensive processes involved. The development of cloud computing though, has provided a leeway to the VFX industry. The Internet-based computing paradigm offers several advantages which the animation and visual effects sector have started to avail. Here are some … Read More

Three Indian commercials which used VFX in a large scale
4:20 pm PDT 11/07/2017 By Swati Panda

VFX is no longer limited to just big budgeted films in India.It has graduated slowly and steadily towards the advertisement sector in India as well.It enables in creating innovative advertisements .VFX is today helping the brands to create ads on a grandeur scale to break the monotony among the clutter of ads in didgital space as well on TV.This has no doubt increased the visual appeal as well as retention power of the ad films. We take a look at … Read More

Double Negative to launch new VFX facility in Chennai
11:00 am PDT 07/07/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Double Negative (Dneg) which is one of the world’s leading visual effects companies has announced the launch of a new VFX facility in Chennai, India. The new studio is Dneg’s fifth international facility and it is due to open in late summer this year . It is joining its existing facilities in London, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Mumbai. Double Negative CEO Matt Holben said,“We are delighted to announce our new facility in Chennai.There is an abundance of filmmaking talent in … Read More

The ABCD of a career in the VFX industry
5:47 pm PDT 03/07/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

The visual effects (VFX) industry has come a long way in India and is growing steadily while providing a new dimension to film production. During 2016, many big-budget blockbusters such as Sultan, Dangal, Fan and M. S. Dhoni: The Untold Story did well at the box office. The VFX industry is thus growing at a steady and unprecedented pace, according to industry experts. The VFX industry provides services to advertising, television, and feature film productions. The year 2017 appears to … Read More