Karnataka IT BT minister Priyank Kharge: B2B initiatives in digital media will make Bengaluru India’s creative capital
2:30 pm PDT 06/11/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

The silicon valley of India, that is southern city Bengaluru is on a new revolution! One of the most significant spearhead of the new wave is none other than Karnataka IT BT minister Priyank Kharge who brought in the AVGC policy 2017-2022. And now the policy has lead to one of the greatest event ever in the AVGC sector named as “Bengaluru B2B AVGC summit 2017” which will be a boon to the industry. The summit is happening on 16 … Read More

We are entering the golden age of VR films, says VR filmmaker Clyde Desouza
7:00 pm PDT 03/11/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

The wait is over and the time has come. The VR industry has been around for decades but in the last few years there has been a major leap forward. Not only can you view a 360 virtual world but also be part of the action in the movie. We are entering a golden age of virtual reality that can be viewed from the comforts of your home. Animation Xpress team spoke to Clyde Desouza to get his views on … Read More

After Studio conducts superb VR demo sessions to showcase its trending domain
9:40 am PDT 22/10/2017 By Swati Panda

 After Studio recently conducted VR sessions with their technology partner Baytree Digital Pvt. Ltd. for two days at its office at Santacruz west, Mumbai demonstrating several VR videos and they also explained how it works. The session was attended by several of their clients, people from studios of the AVGC industry, production houses and mediapersons. After has recently added virtual reality as a new service to its domain. Virtual reality, being the trend of now and future, is an opportunity … Read More

Google and Ittiam Systems meet to discuss the future of video with VP9
10:57 pm PDT 21/10/2017 By Swati Panda

Google and Ittiam systems have made a step forward in the world of advanced technology to make life easier, increasing viewers and mass consumption.With the introduction of open and royalty free video coding format (VP9) developed by Google, development of VP9 started in the second half of 2011 under the name of Next Gen Open video (NGOV) and VP-Next. A select media roundtable for  discussion about VP9, Google’s royalty-free, open-source codec was held recently at the Taj Santacruz, Mumbai in October, … Read More

HTC Vive announces ‘Fallout 4’ VR bundle
6:00 pm PDT 14/10/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

HTC Vive has announced a new hardware bundle featuring Fallout 4 VR, one of the most anticipated VR titles to date. Starting 14 October, customers who purchase an HTC Vive, will receive a free redemption code for Fallout 4 VR, a $59.99 value, which launches on 12 December, 2017. Fallout 4, the post-apocalyptic adventure from Bethesda Game Studios and winner of more than 200 ‘Best Of’ awards, including the DICE and BAFTA Game of the Year, and most recently ‘Best Virtual Reality Game’ at … Read More

Pixar’s first virtual reality experience – ‘Coco VR’
5:00 pm PDT 14/10/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Pixar Animation Studios announced its first-ever VR experience at Oculus Connect, the fourth annual developer conference in San Jose, California. Directed by Ross Haldane Stevenson and produced by Academy Award winner Marc Sondheimer (Piper), Coco VR is a co-production from Disney-Pixar and Oculus with VR creative development and execution by Magnopus. Supervising technical director John Halstead spearheaded the technical efforts for Pixar. Coco VR allows people to explore the worlds of Coco with their friends. The social VR Experience will be available on Oculus Rift … Read More

Unity 2017.2 gives artists the power to unleash their creativity
11:45 am PDT 14/10/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Unity Technologies announced today that Unity 2017.2 is now available to download from the Unity Store. Unity 2017.2 is the most powerful content creation toolset to-date, delivering an end-to-end solution for 2D games and XR creation, as well as optimised support for ARCore, ARKit, Windows Mixed Reality and Vuforia. “Unity 2017 was the start of a new cycle that evolves the world’s most popular game engine into an ever-expanding creation engine for gaming and a wide range of real-time entertainment,” … Read More

Is Razer unveiling its first smartphone next month?
5:00 pm PDT 13/10/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Razer has been and still is arguably the most influential gaming hardware brand. With high end rigs attributed to their name, the company has found a strong foothold among the gamers. While the company has dealt in the PC front only, it seems the company is delving into the mobile business soon. The company has teased for an announcement which they would be making on 1 November, calling it their “biggest unveiling” of the year. Earlier this year, Razer acquired … Read More

OLM and Shotgun in spotlight as Autodesk India host networking event
12:00 pm PDT 05/10/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Autodesk India organised an exclusive business networking and information sharing event on Tuesday with OLM Inc. and Shotgun in Mumbai recently. The event commenced with the UK-based Shotgun technical specialist Andrew Lawrence sharing valuable insights into the Shotgun software and the benefits that it brings to its users. It included production tracking, review and asset management toolset for animation and VFX. Lawrence also shed light on some of the latest feature inclusions into the software and how it can be … Read More

Spacewalk 360 is world’s first ever 360 degree video filmed in open space
12:00 pm PDT 04/10/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

RT presents Spacewalk 360 which is world’s first ever 360 degree video filmed in open space on a spacewalk outside the International Space Station. The video takes viewers on an immersive spacewalk and satellite launches with Russian cosmonauts Sergey Ryazansky and Fyodor Yurchikhin as part of RT’s special Space 360 project, a collaborative effort between RT, Roscosmos State Corporation and Energia Rocket and Space Corporation. “The first-ever panoramic video from open space is a revolution both for VR technology and for the exploration … Read More

San Francisco Conference will showcase VR/AR Futurists, Innovators and Leaders from around the world 
11:10 am PDT 28/09/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

The second annual Virtual Reality Strategy Conference today announced its agenda, consisting of speakers from around the world pushing the boundaries of immersive technologies and applications. VRS 2017 features 500 plus attendees across a broad industry spectrum, 75 plus expert speakers, 10 plus tracks of curated programming, a VR arcade summit, dozens of exhibitors in the VR/AR solution showcase, an innovation tour at Comcast Ventures, and much more. “VRS 2017 combines top industry executives, the latest immersive technology, and real-world implementations … Read More

ASUS announces availability of ROG G701 in India
10:00 am PDT 08/09/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Merging style, functionality and gaming in a slim and stylish laptop, ASUS yesterday announced the availability of ROG G701 in India. A powerful laptop with components that include an overclockable NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics for incredible virtual-reality (VR) gaming performance, and a wide-viewing-angle 4k UHD laptop display that features NVIDIA G-SYNC technology for smooth and detailed gaming visuals. It also has an anti-ghosting keyboard with 30-key rollover technology for total gaming control. Priced at  Rs.3,49,990 ROG G701 is engineered … Read More