Maxon Computer GmbH places Tathastu Techno Solution as their value added distributor in India
6:00 pm PDT 30/01/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Tathastu Techno Solution has announced that it has been appointed by Maxon Computer GmbH as their value added distributor in India. They will also be selling MAXON’s professional 3D software solutions Cinema 4D and BodyPaint 3D, Tathastu will also offer technical support, training seminars and workshops to existing and prospective customers. MAXON sales and marketing vice-president Friederike Bruckert states, “India is an important market for MAXON particularly due to the media and entertainment sector. This strategic partnership with Tathastu Techno Solution is a part of MAXON’s … Read More

Unity Technologies reveals a sneak peek of the ‘Book of the Dead’
5:00 pm PDT 16/01/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Unity Technologies today released a sneak peek of the Book of the Dead, which demonstrates the power of real-time rendering on Unity. Making extensive use of Unity’s new rendering system, the Scriptable Render Pipeline Book of the Dead shows how developers can take total control of the rendering process to achieve a level of detail and visual fidelity. “Achieving the feelings a forest evokes is one of the hardest challenges when working within real-time graphics. We set out to tackle this with Book of the … Read More

HTC reveals Vive Pro and Vive Wireless Adaptor
5:00 pm PDT 09/01/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

HTC VIVE today at CES announced Vive Pro and Vive Wireless Adaptor. In addition, the company debuted new improvements in how VR users discover, experience and acquire VR content through revamp of Viveport VR and Vive Video. These advancements are in the likes of delivering on VR users’ desire for higher resolution, improved audio, greater comfort, wireless freedom and immersive content discovery. Vive Pro The upgraded new HMD, Vive Pro, includes dual-OLED displays for a crisp picture resolution of 2880 … Read More

Oculus and Xiaomi team up to launch new standalone VR headsets at CES 2018
4:00 pm PDT 09/01/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

A surprise announcement was made by Facebook-owned Oculus’s VP head of VR, Hugo Barra about two brand new headsets that are both much more affordable and will have high-end hardware installed. To make this possible, Oculus has teamed up with Xiaomi to create the Oculus Go and Mi VR standalone headsets. The announcement was made during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018, and seems to have been well received by the public. The two headsets Oculus GO and Mi VR … Read More

Meraki VR Studio intends on living up to its name, literally
6:00 pm PDT 26/12/2017 By Krishanu Ghosal

Looking for the office of Meraki VR Studios led me to a shared workspace in a busy commercial building of Andheri. I was greeted by a small team of five people from the studio’s team. The name of the studio is the Greek expression for “doing work with passion and soul.” At the first dekko, a team of five stood in sharp contrast to the number of successful projects the studio had added to their kitty. However, a brief chat … Read More

Meet the Merge Cube, maybe the perfect gift this holiday season!
11:00 am PDT 23/12/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

The holiday season is right around the corner with Christmas Eve, Christmas day and New Year celebrations. The coming week is jam-packed with surprises, gifts and is the most wonderful time of the year. With that being said, everyone looks forward to receiving presents from their Secret Santas and buying gifts for their loved ones. So, if you’re out shopping and you need help with ideas for a gift, we have a great one for you. Here’s a gift that’s … Read More

Shotgun 7.6 adds new analytics features and introduces production insights
11:20 am PDT 13/12/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Shotgun Software released Shotgun 7.6, the latest version of its cloud-based review and production tracking software. This release delivers a new set of analytics and reporting tools which give studio leaders the ability to visualise key production metrics, keep a close eye on the progress of their projects, and make business-critical decisions fast. Faced with shorter timelines, tighter budgets, and growing creative demands, studios need to be efficient, identify business issues quickly and adjust where and how resources are being … Read More

Microsoft launches ‘the world’s most powerful console’ Xbox One X
1:00 pm PDT 05/12/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Microsoft and Sony are at each other’s necks with the Playstation 4 Pro and the Xbox One S that released last year. Both companies are out to make the best next gen consoles that will improve the gaming experience.  Xbox has now launched a new black console called the Xbox One X on 7 November 2017, this powerful machine has surpassed the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S in terms of performance. The console boasts of cross platform, providing yet … Read More

Kantar TNS study reveals the rise of mobile payments in India
11:00 am PDT 05/12/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Connected consumers in India are increasingly using mobile based payments, according to the results from the latest Connected Life study from Kantar TNS. Post demonetisation and with a greater push by the government for adoption of digital payments, mobile payments have seen a sharp rise with one in three (35 per cent) connected consumers in India using it. The popularity of mobile payments in India is also revealed by the number of regular users, with 23 per cent saying they … Read More

Nvidia ceases new subscriptions for Mental Ray, plugins; FAQs answered
3:00 pm PDT 27/11/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Nvidia will no longer be offering new subscriptions to the Mental Ray plugins for Maya and 3ds Max, as well as Mental Ray standalone. Current customers who have purchased licenses from Nvidia will continue to receive support through their Advanced Rendering Forum for the remainder of their subscription terms. All Nvidia Mental Ray plugin customers with a subscription valid in November 2017, including educational license holders, are eligible to receive a license extension. With this recent development, a lot of … Read More

V-Ray Days VFX & Animation Day Mumbai: Another year of educating, enlightening and empowering artists
11:00 am PDT 13/11/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

ARK Infosolutions in partnership with Chaos Group hosted the last day of V-Ray Days on 10 November at The Classique Club, Mumbai from 10:30 am to 7 pm. With a mix of free extended masterclasses, latest and future releases overview, guest sessions and more, V-Ray VFX & Animation Day Mumbai concluded the drive. The first two sessions of the day were Render Makes The Difference and a masterclass on Super-fast rendering workflows with V-Ray RT GPU. Post lunch, DSK International Digital & … Read More

Redchimpz launches ‘5D+ Cardz’, a virtual jungle safari for kids
12:00 pm PDT 08/11/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Redchimpz has come up with an innovative product which attempts to keep children curious and encourage their self-learning skills. With 5D+ Cardz children can take a virtual peek into the animal kingdom or the mysterious world of insects and birds through 3D visualisation and interactive games. “We are using high-end augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) technologies to make this a lasting and memorable experience for  children,” said Redchimpz co-founder and director Yuvraj K. Sharma. “These days most mothers … Read More