In converstion with the founder of YellowSpiders Potters club Neha Ramaiya
11:30 am PDT 17/05/2012 By Parita Upadhyaya

YellowSpiders Potter’s Club is one of its kind pottery clubs in Mumbai run by NID graduate Neha Ramaiya. The club is the only Pottery Club in Mumbai, having advanced tools and equipments to teach pottery for career and art. It has recently introduced new claymation facilities for animation professionals and students who want to create and sculpt new characters. Read More

In Conversation with Prabhat Kiran – Founder & Director, Claycard Studios
1:33 pm PDT 28/05/2012 By Ishpreet Chandock

Claycard studios is a full fledged stop-motion / claymation animation studio it was conceived to provide a breath of fresh air to the current VFX scenario by bringing in the beauty of hand-made animation, our characters when conceived were just a figment of our clay imagination but now seem to have taken a life of their own, we look forward to develop our unique IP and also expand as a claymation service provider to other studios and channels Read More

Miniature Craft Art- A Passion for Mohit Lakhmani
10:17 am PDT 12/06/2012 By Zeenia Boatwala

Mohit Lakhmani likes to apply varied forms of his creativity to creating Miniatures. A Diploma holder in 3d animation & VFX & has worked with GEON STUDIO [Sahar India Pariwar], Powermation & Picasso Animation College as a CG Artist & Trainer. Read More