Revisiting the pioneer in Indian animation, Maya Digital Studios, with Ketan Mehta
5:00 pm PDT 15/07/2014 By

Speaking exclusively to’s Sidharth Iyer, Mehta gets candid on the kind of work that Maya Digital Studios has done in the past, what instigated him to get into the animation and VFX space, the success of ‘Motu Patlu’, the importance of skilled professionals in the field and much more. Read More

ICBM: One brand, a mix of flavours!
2:08 pm PDT 07/07/2014 By

The Chariot comics & Meta’Desi comics for the first time have collaborated under a new brand, ICBM (Indian Comics Badass Multiverse, to be precise!) Speaking exclusively to’s Niyati Handa, both Aniruddho and Akshay reveal their plans on this new partnership and much more. Read More

Owning IPs help in creating an ecosystem and ancillary revenue streams: Nina Elavia Jaipuria
5:07 pm PDT 24/06/2014 By

Speaking to’s Sidharth Iyer, Jaipuria opens up on what she feels of the Indian animation space, creation of local IPs, benefits of owning IPs and the future of the industry at large in a heart to heart conversation. Read More

‘Defining Sound’ with Dolby Laboratories’ Pankaj Kedia
4:15 pm PDT 21/06/2014 By’s Sidharth Iyer recently met up with the super boss at Dolby India and tried to understand the company’s vision and journey over the past five years of its existence in the sub-continent; associations with various broadcast, cinema & new media partners and really understanding what’s all the fuss about Dolby’s Atmos experience. Read More

Prime Focus Technologies has revolutionised the way TV spot transcoding and distribution works
2:15 pm PDT 16/06/2014 By

PFT, VP advertising & head of media library Zenobia Noshir Sanjana over an e-mail interaction with’s Sidharth Iyer expounds the benefits of using CLEAR™, how is it going to revolutionise the way digital advertising works and leveraging the new media, among other things. Read More

The Animation and VFX pie is only growing: The Foundry’s Jordan Thistlewood
5:30 pm PDT 13/06/2014 By’s Sidharth Iyer caught up with The Foundry’s Jordan Thistlewood over a hot cuppa to discuss his journey, his passion for lighting, his work at The Foundry and finally what’s in store for the Animation and VFX industry in the coming years. Read More

Into the mind of Ram Mohan, the godfather of Indian animation
2:30 pm PDT 09/06/2014 By’s Sidharth Iyer recently met up with the ‘Father of Indian Animation’ to know more about his journey, his tryst with animation, current state of the industry and what keeps him busy these days. Read More

Indian animation is a huge force for the future: Joan Vogelesang
5:33 pm PDT 06/06/2014 By

The globetrotting CEO managed to take out some time off her busy schedule and share her thoughts with’s Sidharth Iyer in a heart to heart e-mail interaction on the future of the Indian animation industry and where it stands currently. Read More

Getting into the mind space of ‘Cerebro’
4:30 pm PDT 03/06/2014 By

Speaking exclusively to’s Sidharth Iyer, Cerebo (SF, USA) CEO Konstantin Kharionov shares his insights on what is Cerebro all about, its world class services, tapping Asian markets and much more. Read More

Gravitating with Richard Graham
1:00 pm PDT 30/05/2014 By

Richard was in India for a seminar and’s Sidharth Iyer caught up with him and spoke at length on the making of ‘Gravity’, how VFX happened, his perspective on the industry and a lot more. Read More