Games2win USA appoints Chris Beech
11:30 am PDT 17/07/2012 By AnimationXpress Team

Chris Beech, 40, is a veteran of casual games and has many international hits to his credit. He will actively work with Justin and help build new global titles for both the online and mobile mediums for Games2win. Read More

Games2win launches its new game ‘Fly Air India’
7:20 am PDT 10/07/2012 By Khushali Jobalia recently announced the launch of a new game titled ‘Fly Air India’ in an attempt to draw public attention to national problem that India is facing since long. The game was released on Web on the 4th of July followed by the Android Launch on the 5th July and iOS version of the game has been submitted and is expected to be released by 16th of July 2012. The game is developed keeping in mind the original essence of riding … Read More

How Games2win managed 10+ million downloads of its #1 Game App ‘Parking Frenzy’ without spending any money on advertising
7:46 am PDT 26/06/2012 By AnimationXpress Team

Over the weekend, Games2win’s Parking Frenzy finally reached a magical 10 million-download mark (total across Android and iTunes platforms).Games2win achieved this feat without any investments (0.00 dollars) in advertising, marketing or promotions. These are 3 important lessons that Games2win learnt along the journey: They share the same with us in their own words. Read More