Gifts you can buy for gamers this Diwali 2019
10:00 am PDT 26/10/2019 By Poonam Mondal

The diyas  and streets are lit, the sparklers have been bought and the puja ki thali is set, homes are being decorated to welcome Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali. The best thing about Diwali is markets keep buzzing with festive shoppers and grand Diwali sales both offline and online – to clutch the attention of more and more consumer. The festival of lights is that joyful time when exchanging gifts become common among loved ones and thus it becomes nerve racking … Read More

Gaming and content, CHNO Media aims to fill the gaps!
7:00 pm PDT 18/10/2019 By Krishanu Ghosal

Following the success of gaming and content around it in matured markets around the globe, India too is catching up. However still a niche, gaming is beginning to show signs of emerging as a big sector in the country. Tencent’s PUBG Mobile can be considered as one of the catalysts which infused quite the craze for multiplayer gaming in the country for the first time, albeit on mobile. However, as gaming becomes a much clearer idea for the masses, the … Read More

Riot Games announced ‘League of Legends’ animated series titled ‘Arcane’
4:00 pm PDT 16/10/2019 By AnimationXpress Team

On its 10th anniversary celebration, Riot Games revealed a new slate of games and other experiences set in the League of Legends universe. It has also announced Arcane, an animated series, which will be developed by Riot and animated by Fortiche Productions. Aimed at teen and adult crowd, Arcane is expected to launch in 2020 and will be streamed on an existing service, with its current home yet to be announced. Riot co-founder Brandon Beck told The Hollywood Reporter: “Originally, League … Read More

Sri Lanka declares esport as an official sport
12:30 pm PDT 04/10/2019 By AnimationXpress Team

The Sri Lanka ministry of sports has declared esport as an official sport in the country. The declaration was made on 26 September by minister of telecommunication and sports, Harin Fernando. With the official announcement, Sri Lanka became the first South Asian country to recognise esports, joining the list which includes France and South Korea. With esports as a demonstration sport in the Asian Games, The National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka (NOCSL) endorsed it, encouraging its inclusion as an official sport in … Read More

Finale of India’s longest running esports championship TEGC concludes, lays special focus on overall development of Indian gaming industry 
6:00 pm PDT 29/09/2019 By AnimationXpress Team

The 6th edition of the Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup’s (TEGC) grand finale received a stupendous response from participants and audience alike. Professional gamers from across the country converged in Mumbai to battle it out at India’s most prestigious eSports championship on 27 to 28 September at Infiniti Mall, Malad (W), Mumbai. Organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade (MOEA), TEGC is India’s longest running eSports championship.  Over the years, TEGC has grown to be extremely … Read More

Breaking: PlayBae’s upcoming game ‘In The Shadows’ bags “Best Puzzle Game 2019” title at Tencent GWB Awards
7:00 pm PDT 23/09/2019 By Poonam Mondal

Indie game developing company PlayBae’s upcoming new game, In The Shadows bagged the “Best Puzzle Game” of 2019 accolade at Tencent Gaming Without Boundaries (GWB) Awards. In an exclusive conversation with AnimationXpress, PlayBae founder Nakul Verma shared “To my extreme surprise, ITS had won the “Best Puzzle Award” beating a lot of unique games in its category. Unfortunately, I could not go to the event to collect the award but Tencent has offered to help in the journeys of developers … Read More

Teapot Games aims to take players in the history of World War 2 with War Dogs
7:00 pm PDT 14/08/2019 By Poonam Mondal

Every year, we get together to remember and offer our gratitude to those who have sacrificed their lives in the war zone for our country’s freedom from British rule. While we pay tribute to the fallen, it is important to note that as many as 87,000 Indian soldiers lost their lives in World War II (commissioned by British India against German Nazis). Post World War II, India emerged as the world’s fourth-largest industrial power and its increased political, economic and military … Read More

Is AI at the early stage of incorporation in the gaming sector?
7:00 pm PDT 07/08/2019 By Poonam Mondal

Today technology is at its zenith where game developers are also focusing on creating engaging gameplay as well as in the combination of laws and AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms. But how exactly the AI algorithm works? According to SAS, it works by combining large amounts of data with fast, iterative processing and intelligent algorithms to allow the software to learn automatically from patterns or features in the data. Simplifying it remembered from the Japanese horror media franchise Resident Evil where a supercomputer … Read More

Hyderabad ‘Games for Good’ workshop aims to live up to its name
7:00 pm PDT 26/07/2019 By Poonam Mondal

Game development scene in India is constantly leaping and the Indian gaming enthusiasts are diving into gaming as a viable career option. Games for the wellness of society are one of the areas which game developers have been exploring over the years. Being one of the gaming hubs, Hyderabad has recently launched four-day program  Games for Good: Designing Games starting from 25 July to 28 July with a social impact at T-Hub in the association of the U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad and the … Read More

How artificial intelligence is transforming the gaming ecosystem
4:00 pm PDT 19/07/2019 By Poonam Mondal

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been an integral part of gaming since the time of inception from 1950s. With time, technology in sports is growing rapidly and evolving the traditional ways. In football, for instance, new devices are used for different reasons such as to help referees in decision-making and to quantify the athletes’ performance during a game, thus helping the coach to calibrate the training program and the game strategy. In addition to that, in today’s day and age, audience engagement has … Read More

Red Bull takes over Willis Tower for ‘Halo Rise Till Dawn Tournament’ this weekend
11:00 am PDT 13/07/2019 By AnimationXpress Team

Red Bull is bringing back Red Bull Rise Till Dawn this weekend, for an epic Halo 3 tournament in partnership with 343 Industries’ HCS Grassroots program.  From sundown to sunrise, 200 players will compete in a special dusk-till-dawn Halo 3 2v2 team tournament with the chance to win the grand prize of $10,000. Halo and esports fans can tune-in and catch the live action on both Mixer and Twitch on 13 July beginning at 9:30 pm ET / 6:30 pm … Read More

Archangel’s dives into the RPG genre with ‘Bleak Faith’
7:00 pm PDT 12/07/2019 By Poonam Mondal

The RPG market is growing each year by leaps and bounds with the rise of players’ interests and diverse availability of the RPGs. With the rapid inflow of revenue towards the RPG market, developers are making a beeline in a bid to explore this genre by creating a variety of new games. Bleak Faith is an upcoming third-person open-world survival horror action RPG whose developers recently revealed the sneak-peek of the game for the kick-starter campaign.In conversation with Animationxpress, Archangel … Read More