Starbreeze acquires Dhruva Interactive in a $8.5 million deal
4:00 pm PDT 16/12/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Sweden based Starbreeze Studios, has agreed to acquire 90.5 per cent shares in Dhruva Interactive. Led by Rajesh Rao, Dhruva Interactive is one of the oldest gaming companies of India and specialises in art production for high quality games.  Their credits include big titles like Forza Horizon 3, Quantum Break and Halo 5 and the upcoming OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead. The Swedish Studio is acquiring Dhruva in a deal of $8.5 million with $7 million being paid in cash and … Read More

TurtleRock logo
Developers of ‘Left 4 Dead’ and ‘Evolve’ are working on a new co-op FPS, slated for 2018
7:00 pm PDT 14/12/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

With the first person shooter (FPS) genre shifting a bit from conventional shooters like Counter Strike and Call of Duty, 2016 saw reveals and releases of a lot of class-based shooter like Blizzard’s smash-hit shooter Overwatch, which took home multiple accolades at The Game Awards 2016, Hi-Rez Studios’ Paladins, Gearbox’s Battleborn and some more. Clearly with the genre of FPS games is changing. Now, one more game is likely to be added to the kitty of these games. Turtle Rock … Read More

Infinite Warfare
‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ is set to give players a free-trial starting tomorrow
3:00 pm PDT 14/12/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

As Christmas arrives, almost all the games would be (or already have) introducing Christmas events. Ubisoft had already started its giveaways, Overwatch has brought in a Christmas themed event and the same is planned for League of Legends. Infinity Ward and Activision recently released the latest edition of the famed Call of Duty franchise, titled Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. While there have been reports that the game’s sales are not doing that well, it seems the developers are resorting … Read More

Pokemon Go 400 x 400
Reliance Jio and Niantic come together to launch ‘Pokemon Go’ in India
7:30 pm PDT 13/12/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (“Jio”) is set to delight Indian gamers by bringing the augmented reality game ‘Pokémon GO’ to India in a partnership  with Niantic – publisher and developer of Pokémon GO in association with The  Pokémon Company. With this partnership, numerous Reliance Digital Stores and select partner premises in India will appear as ‘PokéStops’ or ‘Gyms’ in the Pokémon GO game beginning Wednesday, 14 December, 2016. “We are delighted to partner with Jio to launch Pokémon GO in India.” … Read More

‘Dota 2′ brings in a decisive patch with massive overhaul to gameplay
5:00 pm PDT 13/12/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

With its recently concluded Boston Majors, Dota 2 event has brought in a big patch which will make the game go through a massive overhaul. Titled 7.00, the DLC update brings changes to hero’s spells (Treant Protector, Necrophos, Techies), a new talent tree like system, and the Dota 2’s first official hero, Money King. Monkey king, who would be the first hero to have been originally launched in Dota 2, was first teased few years back (unlike others, who have … Read More

Vodafone ventures into the Indian gaming ecosystem with ‘Vodafone U Game-a-Thon’
3:00 pm PDT 10/12/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Vodafone India, one of the country’s known telecommunication service providers, is offering gaming enthusiasts a new destination with Vodafone U Game-a-Thon, as part of the 15-day online gaming fest in the country. Available on Google Play Store, the gaming event kicked off on 1 December and includes several gaming categories including sports, simulation, puzzles, among others. Gaming has a huge Indian following. 71 per cent smartphone users play mobile games on a regular basis and it is the second highest engaging … Read More

Super Mario Run
Nintendo releases live-action trailer for ‘Super Mario Run’ ahead of its release next week
7:00 pm PDT 08/12/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

While Mario, one of the most iconic video game characters is making his way into the mobile platform through Super Mario Run, Nintendo seems to be bolstering its promotions just a week before the game officially launches over iOS. Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of famed gaming titles like Donkey Kong, The Legends of Zelda and even Mario was recently seen in ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon, where they showcased Nintendo’s recent console addition titled ‘Switch’ which works both as … Read More

Will Ferrel
Will Ferrel to star in Legendary’s upcoming eSports-comedy movie
7:00 pm PDT 07/12/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Movies based on games have gained much popularity in the recent time, from Warcraft to the yet-to-be-released Assassin’s Creed and even Gears of War. While not many movies from this genre managed to achieve any incredible feat, the numbers are surely increasing. Now, it will be time for eSports. The mode of electronic sports has garnered much attention from enthusiasts around the globe, even in India. With sponsors pouring in from various sectors, the industry is predicted to boom in … Read More

The Last of Us 2
Naughty Dog teases ‘The Last of Us 2′ with a new protagonist
4:00 pm PDT 05/12/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

The recent PlayStation experience event provided fans with a lot of takeaways, with release announcements and much more. However, the fans would probably be the most excited about one particular confirmation, rather than an announcement.  ‘The Last of Us 2’ was announced, which would be the direct sequel to the 2013 original. Only this time, it seems Ellie would be the protagonist. In the new trailer which was released, an older version of Ellie can be seen playing the guitar … Read More

The Game Awards
‘Overwatch’ wins big at ‘The Game Awards 2016′, check out the full list of winners
2:00 pm PDT 02/12/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

With the year coming to an end, The Game Awards were held on 1 December, 2016 to recognise the best in gaming for this year. The awards were streamed live over and will be broadcast live on PSN, Twitch, Twitter, Steam, YouTube, Xbox Live. Clearly, Blizzard’s character based shooter, Overwatch ruled all the major categories as they took home the trophy and bragging rights for ‘Game of the Year’, ‘Best Game Direction’, ‘Best multiplayer’ and ‘Best eSports Game’. Other prominent winners … Read More

Facebook now allows users to play games on their Messenger app via ‘Instant Games’
8:00 pm PDT 01/12/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Facebook seems to have taken gaming seriously. Having just launched their gaming platform, Gameroom with Unity, the social media giant has recently unveiled ‘Instant Games’ which will allow users to play games directly from their Messenger app or directly on their timeline. “This new games experience allows people to easily discover, share, and play games without having to install new apps,” said Facebook, product manager, Alissa Ju in a blog post announcing the initiative. Instant Games has launched in 30 … Read More

Mo n Ki World Dash
underDOGS and Worldoo launch ‘Mo N Ki World Dash’ to provide kids with ‘fun learning content’
12:00 pm PDT 01/12/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Worldoo has launched Mo N Ki World Dash today, which they claim to be ‘India’s first fun learning game app for kids’ and which is exclusively available over Google Play. The game has reportedly been created post discussion with parents and teachers regarding the increased hours of mobile consumption by kids. The game has been launched in association with UnderDOGS to align with the purpose of ‘making kids smart’. Mo N Ki World Dash was conceptualised for kids and is … Read More