Game Development

The Workstation Academy and Runestone Launch ‘Get in the Game’ Course
6:53 pm PDT 15/11/2013 By Zeenia Boatwala

Mumbai based The Workstation Computer Education in association with Runestone Studio is gearing up to launch ‘Get in the Game’-a Game Development course that would impart knowledge of making cross platform games for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS & Linux without any programming knowledge Read More

AMD Launches Radeon R9 270 Graphic Cards for Gamers
6:38 pm PDT 15/11/2013 By AnimationXpress Team

AMD has launched the AMD Radeon R9 270 graphics card, joining the R9 280X, R9 290 and R9 290X graphics cards, are designed for enthusiast gamers who expect next-generation hardware that can shatter the boundaries of realism and performance.
“The AMD Radeon R9 270 GPU continues AMD’s tradition of delivering world-class performance, features and multi-monitor support at an incredible value,” says Matt Skynner, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Graphics Business Unit, AMD. Read More

Virtualinfocom To Release Gaming App ‘ Essence of Chhau’
7:04 pm PDT 13/11/2013 By Nicole Fernandes

After working on gaming apps like Sukhu and Dukhu, Aswathama , Ravana , Kolkata based Animation and Gaming Studio-Virtualinfocom, is now working on another game app–‘Essence of Chhau’. This 3D game highlights the Chhau dance of West Bengal and will soon be available on iOS and Android later this November.

Read More

Iron Code Gaming Releases Pahelika: Revelations Today on Mac App Store
6:18 pm PDT 01/11/2013 By Zeenia Boatwala

Noida based Iron Code Gaming has now released its adventurous casual 3D game, Pahelika: Revelations on Mac App Store. The game made its debut in 2011 for PC Gamers, and managed to make a place in the gaming industry after launching worldwide on online portals like Big Fish Games, Gamehouse, IWin, Oberon Media, Amazon and Yahoo. Read More

NASSCOM Game Developer Conference 2012 slated for 2nd-3rd Nov’12
8:00 am PDT 18/10/2012 By Zeenia Boatwala

If you are keen for getting into the core of the gaming world, showcase your products, catch the trends and know about nuances of doing business in this ecosystem then here is the right place for you! Read More

Kerala based Csharks develops a new flash game called Magic Mayhem
11:41 am PDT 09/08/2012 By Khushali Jobalia

Kerala based game development company Csharks recently launched a new online flash game called Magic Mayhem on 8th August 2012.  The game can be played on Magic Mayhem  is an On-rails shooter game in which you fight against the mystical creatures attacking you. This Game has 25 levels with the player of this game having only one chance to play a particular level but the player can attain health during the game play by collecting the valuables dropped by … Read More

Games2win USA appoints Chris Beech
11:30 am PDT 17/07/2012 By AnimationXpress Team

Chris Beech, 40, is a veteran of casual games and has many international hits to his credit. He will actively work with Justin and help build new global titles for both the online and mobile mediums for Games2win. Read More

Virtual Infocom in midst of developing resource portal for Inde game developers
2:00 pm PDT 09/05/2012 By Parita Upadhyaya

Kolkata headquartered Virtual Infocom which has ops in several other Indian cities
( Allahbad, Jaipur, Pune) along with a presence in NYC and Nigeria as well, is working on developing a resource portal and platform for Inde Game Developers Read More