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Suicide Squad 2
Anticipation and Expectations turn DC fans restless for ‘Suicide Squad’
4:00 pm PDT 19/07/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

‘We’re the bad guys, this is what we do’. But, who is behind the bad guys? Just like there is always a supreme power who makes his pawns dance to his tunes, the bad guys of the Suicide Squad are used as ‘Puppets’ by a mean lady master. DC’s most awaited upcoming live action movie Suicide Squad is just around the corner as Warner Bros. Pictures has released another sneak peek focusing on the mastermind behind the whole squad. Amanda … Read More

finding dory1
‘Finding Dory’ is the highest-grossing film of 2016 domestically, the highest-grossing Pixar film, the highest-grossing animated film in North America
3:00 pm PDT 18/07/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Finding Dory has defeated the all time DreamWorks’ record holder Shrek 2 to become the highest grossing animated film ever domestically. The fish tale has earned $445.5 million in North America till date as compared to Shrek 2 which garnered a whooping $441.2 at the North American box office. The animated feature which sailed in theatres on 17 June, 2016 has managed to outdo Shrek The Third in its opening domestic collection itself as it grabbed $136.2 million solely in … Read More

The secret life pf pets
Illumination’s Pets break all secrets to set record for the highest debut of an original animated film
12:00 pm PDT 11/07/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

The box office is illuminated with new records as Pets have created an astounding stunt which has attracted eyeballs from all over the globe. Illumination Entertainment’s recent animated feature The Secret Life of Pets has gained the record for the highest debut of an original animated film in its opening weekend. The feature based on a light humorous script released on 8 July, 2016 and has earned $103.2 million at the North American box office in its opening weekend. It … Read More

A Flying Jatt
‘A Flying Jatt’ teaser fails to create realistic visual feel for the fictional superhero film
3:00 pm PDT 08/07/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

India has a dearth of superhero films. With Krrish creating a breakthrough in the Bollywood industry in 2006, the movie received a lot of acclaim along with critical analysis but the superhero managed to make a place within the hearts of children at least. Well, there is a new superhero in town now called the ‘Flying Jatt’ as Balaji Motion Pictures recently released a teaser of their upcoming feature film. Based on the typical concept of ‘Good over Evil’, the … Read More

‘The Legend of Tarzan’ seems to be in trouble at the box office
5:00 pm PDT 05/07/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Made against a production budget of $180 million, The Legend of Tarzan has earned just $64.86 million at the global office till date. The movie has earned $45.65 million domestically and $19.3 million at the foreign box office. The movie opened in the US on 1 July, 2016 and had the privilege of the extended weekend due to the Independence Day holiday on Monday 4 July. Till Sunday 3 July, the movie had earned $38,5 at the US market. However, … Read More

Tarzan 1
Review: The Legend of Tarzan- Lacks visual appeal to make you swing in the jungle
4:00 pm PDT 01/07/2016 By Ronald Rodrigues

The Legend of Tarzan misses the emotional connect and the storytelling aura that the animated film of 1999 created by Disney possessed. It definitely takes you into the jungle but does not let you swing with the story. Ironically, as opposed to animation where there’s lot of freedom, live-action has many limitations. However, this venture of Warner Bros. fails to take the audience for a jungle ride both in terms of the CGI created animals and visual effects for various sequences. … Read More

DreamWorks makes you rock and roll with ‘Trolls’ first trailer
5:00 pm PDT 30/06/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

It’s all about singing and dancing. DreamWorks Animation’s upcoming animated feature Trolls is definitely going to make you groove with its musical compositions by Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani. Till now, the plot of this animated feature was under wraps as its first teaser didn’t portray anything much about the film. DreamWorksTV recently released its first official trailer which indicates the entire voice cast as well as hints to the plot of the film. The lead character Branch voiced by … Read More

Life, Animated
‘Life, Animated’; a documentary portraying how Disney films help someone to ‘live’ rather than just exist
12:00 pm PDT 28/06/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Whatever you see, reflects in your mind and influences your thoughts at some point of time. Cinema can have a radiating effect on your thoughts and behaviour for whenever you watch an appealing movie, you tend to become a part of the world it creates. Animated movies have an upperhand in captivating minds for they possess visual creativity coupled with an underlying message for life. We pick up our early lessons from the cartoons we see during our childhood. However … Read More

‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ fails to create the box office explosion of its prequel
1:00 pm PDT 27/06/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Very few sequels have the similar effect and manage to trigger the same response like their initial ventures. Director Roland Emmerich’s recent feature film Independence Day: Resurgence earned $143 million at the global box office in its opening weekend which is comparatively less than its 1996 prequel’s collection. The film released on 24 June, 2016 and earned $41.6 million from its domestic market in North America over its first weekend whereas, the 1996 film had earned $50.2 million domestically. Resurgence … Read More

Sony may create Spider-Man movie with Silver Sable character
4:00 pm PDT 25/06/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

After the buzz of Spider-Man’s appearance in the recent Civil War feature, the Marvel superhero has been most spoken about. So much so that the fan following and aura of the hero has already led to the creation of a whole new ‘Spider Man universe’. As we know, Spider-Man: Homecoming is already in production and will hit theatres next summer. But, it has been speculated that Sony has far more plans for this franchise. There have been rumours that a … Read More

Independence Day 2
Independence Day: Resurgence Review- A visually appealing yet dragged alien warfare misses the mark of its prequel
4:00 pm PDT 24/06/2016 By Ronald Rodrigues

When you watch a space adventure you are bound to propel in the outer world against the clutches of gravity. The earth, water, space, moon and aliens; the Independence Day: Resurgence is a summit of every component that you would want to experience in a space battle. A fight for survival, a battle for freedom and a “do or die’’ situation to gain independence is what the movie is all about. Following a sequel to the Independence Day movie (1996), … Read More

Justice League logo.jpg-large
‘Justice League’ synopsis, logo and a new batmobile revealed
5:00 pm PDT 22/06/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Logo, a new batmobile and first plot synopsis has been revealed by Warner Bros. nearly a year and a half before the scheduled release of the Justice League film. The studio held a set visit last week for the DC Comics-based film and gave an early look at the movie. Here’s the synopsis: Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his new found ally, Diana Prince, to face … Read More