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Chris Miller announces the commencement of Star Wars’ Han Solo spin-off movie production
5:45 pm PDT 31/01/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Star Wars arguably has the biggest fan following amidst its contemporaries. With a whole lot of movies and games to its name, the IP just holds its place of being one of the most famous franchises. The recent addition to the Star Wars line up was the standalone movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and it did pretty well with the fans and has even been nominated for an Academy Award under the best visual effects (VFX) category. Now, … Read More

One last glimpse before the grand ballad opens as Disney releases the final trailer of ‘Beauty and the Beast’
2:00 pm PDT 31/01/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Disney is known to create magic with its near enchanting content; there is little doubt about that. Their animated feature, Beauty and the Beast of 1991 is possibly one of the most adored pieces of storytelling. From the plot to portrayal and the values it attempted to impart, it has been a fan favourite since then. And now, with the changing times, Disney is taking the same storytelling forward with a live-action adaptation of the classic. With its release impending … Read More

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s Mantis to star in Avengers: Infinity War
3:00 pm PDT 30/01/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

While Marvel reveals the appearance of its main characters in the future films through a teaser at the end of each movie, some characters are always a surprise (pleasant, mostly). The anticipation of seeing a new character in a Marvel feature and which special powers will it possess to make it worthy of being an Avenger, is always high. Regarded as the movie with highest number of superheroes, the directors of Avengers: Infinity War have been successful in keeping their … Read More

Illumination and Universal announce the sequels: ‘Sing 2’, ‘The Secret Life of Pets 2’ and ‘Minions 2’
12:30 pm PDT 27/01/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures have announced the release of the sequel of Sing. 25 December, 2020 will mark the day when Sing 2 will play on screens. The recently released Sing which is based on a singing reality show for animals, earned $428 million worldwide at the box office and is still in theatres after releasing on 21 December, 2016. Illumination’s The Secret Life of Pets 2 which was scheduled to release on 13 July, 2018 has been pushed back a year to … Read More

Bad news for Potter fans: JK Rowling dismisses ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ movie trilogy rumours
11:30 am PDT 23/01/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

There’s a sign of disappointment on the faces of Harry Potter fans as their hopes got crushed of seeing their favourite wizards on the big screens again. The rumours of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child being adopted into a movie trilogy were expelled when J.K. Rowling took to Twitter on 20 January saying that, “I know a lot of people are looking for reasons to be cheerful today, but there is NO TRUTH to the rumour about a #CursedChild … Read More

Guillermo del Toro in talks to bring ‘Hellboy III’ on screen
6:00 pm PDT 19/01/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Fans of Hellboy had lost hope on the continuation of the franchise on the silver screen. Fans have even been indicated by the creator Mike Mignola and star Ron Perlman themselves that ‘Hellboy III’ might never be a reality. However, given the popularity and the huge following of the IP, people still had a feeling that it might happen, more of it because the idea was never actually turned down by director, Guillermo del Toro. The last Hellboy movie from … Read More

Sony Pictures Animation upcoming movie slate revealed; Patrick Stewart to voice ‘poop’ emoji
3:30 pm PDT 19/01/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

With the announcement of the most awaited movies of Sony Pictures Animation for the year 2017 followed the revelation of the voices behind the leading characters of The Emoji Movie; the recent one being of the stage, TV and film artist Patrick Stewart playing Poop Daddy – the poop emoji. “We’re playing Poop very upper crust,” said director Anthony Leondis. “In our movie, he’s the one that makes the (poop) jokes and doesn’t know he’s doing it. And who better … Read More

Miyazaki’s ‘Spirited Away’ topples down as ‘Your Name’ becomes the highest grossing anime worldwide
6:00 pm PDT 18/01/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

In a span of six months from its premier release at Anime Expo, Los Angeles on 3 July 2016, Makoto Shinkai’s anime feature film ‘Your Name’ has broken box-office records on an international scale. The fantasy drama film has become the highest grossing anime worldwide with a total box office collection of over $331.6 million. Regarded as the ‘The new Miyazaki’, Shinkai’s movie is based on his novel of the same name which was released in 2016. The feature film … Read More

Assassin’s Creed Review: Justin Kurzel fails to cash in on the rich storyline and characters of Ubisoft’s franchise
12:00 pm PDT 30/12/2016 By Prerna Kothari

Being the last game based movie of the year, it had a lot riding on its shoulder. Coming from Ubisoft’s one of the most celebrated franchise, Assassin’s Creed movie decided to use the Spanish Inquisition storyline which showcases the video game’s narrative but has its own original plot line going on. And director Justin Kurzel manages to deliver if not a brilliant work but a movie which has in it to attract few fans who are new to the Creed’s … Read More

Pixar’s ‘Coco’ is set to take you on an enchanting musical journey
1:00 pm PDT 28/12/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Pixar recently released the first trailer of their upcoming flick from the famed Cars franchise, Cars 3. While it was quite a surprise for the fans as the trailer of the third edition of Cars went dark, they still cannot wait for more information about the feature. However, Pixar has another news for its fans that might make their 2017 merrier. The company just dropped the first look of their upcoming 2017 feature titled ‘Coco’. In the recent years Pixar has … Read More

DreamWorks Animation reveals look of ‘Captain: Underpants’ and it seems promising
1:30 pm PDT 26/12/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

While Boss Baby has been gaining positive response for it’s adorably humorous storyline, DreamWorks Animation recently revealed the look of its yet another 2017 movie – Captain: Underpants. Just like Boss Baby, Captain: Underpants is yet another movie based on children’s novel of the same name by Dav Pilkey. The novel went on to win a Disney Adventures Kids’ Choice Award in 2006. While the series has 12 books and three spin-offs under its hood, it’s yet to be revealed … Read More

Lionsgate release an action-packed ‘Power Rangers’ international trailer
4:00 pm PDT 24/12/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

The third film based on the Power Rangers property, has been creating quite a stir since its announcement as it’s the first Power Ranger movie in the 21st century. Being a reboot, the film features most of the main characters of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers portrayed by an all new cast. With its first teaser being released back in October, Lionsgate recently released a new international trailer. Unlike its teaser wherein each character was showcased, this trailer offers nothing new … Read More