Bengaluru GAFX Conference (formerly known as ABAIFest)

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GAFX – India’s biggest Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Comics film festival held annually in Karnataka, India with the support of Government of Karnataka is a confluence of Indian and Global Digital art industry. The fest is an ideal platform for artists from various backgrounds across the globe to come together to celebrate the art of digital storytelling and exchange ideas.

Here’s the list for Workshops and Masterclasses at GAFX 2017
2:00 pm PDT 09/05/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

With just days to go before GAFX 2017 kicks-off in Bengaluru, here’s a quick list of all the Workshops and Masterclasses to help you plan your schedule. Day 1: Unity for Artists by Arvind Neelakantan This workshop will demonstrate the use of Unity’s new artist and animation tools that will be integrated directly into Unity’s editor without writing even one line of code. This workshop will primarily concentrate on three aspects of these tools. They will be using assets from an … Read More

Government of Karnataka unveils Bengaluru GAFX Conference 2017
3:00 pm PDT 22/04/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Government of Karnataka announced that it will be organising India’s largest animation, games  and visual effects conference, Bengaluru GAFX Conference 2017 on 12 to 14  May at Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru. Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah unveiled the logo and the website of Bengaluru GAFX ( in a gathering in Bengaluru. Honorable Minister of Karnataka for IT & Tourism, Priyank Kharge and core members of ABAI were present at the gathering. Bengaluru GAFX Conference was formerly known as ABAI … Read More

ABAI Fest & KAVGC Summit gets a new name – Bengaluru GAFX Conference
6:45 pm PDT 25/03/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

The non-profit organisation which has been committed to developing animation, VFX and gaming industry, ABAI has been organising its annual event ABAI Fest and KAVGC Summit since the past few years. Organised at The Lalit Ashok Hotel, Bengaluru, this event is backed by the extensive support of the Government of Karnataka, Dept. of IT, BT, S&T and is currently preparing for this year’s fest. However, this year few things have changed and it starts with the name itself. The festival … Read More