Comic Con Fandom Month: Abhijit Kini ushers in the comic mania at IIT Bombay
1:52 pm PDT 14/08/2017 By Sachin Bhat

The inaugural edition of the Comic Con Fandom Month came to Mumbai on Saturday, 12 August with eminent comic writer Abhijit Kini kicking off the comic con mania at IIT Bombay. In a workshop attended by almost 60 fans, the ‘Angry Maushi’ author first gave a gist of some his works such as Temper Temper, Groundzero, Chairman Meow, It Happened Because Of.., and of course, Angry Maushi, briefing the plot of each of these. Abhijit also showed some ‘before-after’ sketches … Read More

Latest cover of ‘Dark Nights: Metal’ is out… and it is spookier than ever!
4:30 pm PDT 07/08/2017 By Sachin Bhat

The highly awaited Batman crossover comic Dark Nights: Metal is almost upon us, and the excitement soared to greater heights when a new and more freakish poster was unveiled lately. Designed by Andy Kubert and John Romita, the latest poster shows Batman and Wonder Woman supposedly under threat by the humongous and abhorrent beast ‘Swamp Thing’, which gets its most horrific look till date. Though it’s a well known fact that this crossover will be the most badass in the history of … Read More

CRPF commandos immortalised as their epic stories turn into comic books
2:00 pm PDT 07/08/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

The grueling hardships in the lives of the soldiers are well documented. But now, one can see it for themselves through the eyes of the jawans as comic books chronicling the real-life stories of CRPF commandos is making its release. Whilst the likes of GI Joe and Commando entail the hot pursuit of a whole squadron of soldiers, Dheer Dharmendra and Bahadur Biresh bring to the fore the unknown tales of the two jawans in particular (of the same name) … Read More

The Flash to don a new costume in the upcoming season four
7:01 pm PDT 02/08/2017 By Sachin Bhat

The world’s fastest feet are getting ready to slalom past the towering skyscrapers of Central City once again as The Flash returns with its fourth season this October. Barry Allen, who supposedly embarks in yet another time travel as the trailers suggest, will inevitably return, but in a new costume. In a picture leaked online during a shoot, the lead Grant Gustin could be seen donning a new costume of The Flash, and it looks funkier than most of its … Read More

Indian Comic founders paint a nostalgic farewell: MS Paint to be ostracised from Windows 10
7:35 pm PDT 27/07/2017 By Sachin Bhat

The long enamored digital canvas once used to scribble down your ideas, the virtual platform to draw your train of imagination is nearing its end as Microsoft Paint is being banished to the history books. Tech giant Microsoft recently announced that the popular graphic program will be discontinued with the release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, triggering a cathartic reaction from all of its users (past and current). Started as a rudimental program with Windows 1.0 in November 1985, … Read More

Driving to the rescue: The top 7 superhero vehicles of all time
7:07 pm PDT 26/07/2017 By Sachin Bhat

For all the inhuman abilities that they possess, a few superheroes still need vehicles for transit. Whilst some can take to the air or run at a lightening fast speed, there some crusaders who have to drive their way to the scene. Or even to barge out of it. The vehicles that they ride aren’t like any other vehicles that you normally find moving on the streets. It is just as special as the superheroes themselves. The designs and features … Read More

First ever Comic Con India: Fandom Month to kick off on 1 August
6:00 pm PDT 26/07/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Gear up to celebrate the first ever Comic Con India: Fandom Month in India presented by Maruti Suzuki, which kicks off on 1 August, 2017. Fandom Month is a four-week long digital initiative to reach out to fans and talk about comics, movies, TV, gaming and more; with a mix of creator outreach to live events, digital contests, polls and geeky shopping offers. Fandom Month provides a taste of Comic Con’s bigger shows as we head into Comic Con season … Read More

Yali Dream Creations at full throttle; to launch Shamik Dasgupta’s three graphic novels this August
12:30 pm PDT 26/07/2017 By Anshita Bhatt

There are hectic times at Yali Dream Creations and the company is buzzing with activities as the founder and COO Asvin Srivatsangam, writer Shamik Dasgupta and the team gears up to launch three graphic novels. Dasgupta’s Rakshak series will see the release of its parts three (120 pages) and four (90 pages) this August, ending the series’ first season. Part three titled as Chronicles of Rakshak will have four stories, two of which will introduce new characters. “It deals about the world … Read More

‘Bangalore: A Graphic Novel’ unwinds the garden city with a kaleidoscope of stories
11:00 am PDT 26/07/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

After a successful Kindle debut, Syenagiri’s physical copy of Bangalore: A Graphic Novel will be hitting stores and Amazon shortly. Bangalore: A Graphic Novel is a part of Every City is a Story which is an initiative from Syenagiri, a graphic-novel studio involved in new and immersive methods of storytelling. Hyderabad: A Graphic Novel (2014) opened the Every City is a Story series and Bangalore is the follow-up with Goa slated for 2019. “We operated out of the assumption that … Read More

Sega partners with IDW Publishing for new Sonic comics
2:00 pm PDT 24/07/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

Sega has joined forces with IDW Publishing which is the leading publisher of licensed comic books to begin a new chapter in the Blue Blur’s adventures in 2018. The official press release said that the creative teams are being formed right now. Publishing plan is now underway with more details to come at a later date. It also said that writers and artists will be bringing their talents to the comic book world of Sonic. “We have been speaking with … Read More

‘Inhumans’ new trailer brings Medusa’s hair to life but still no sign of Crystal’s superpowers
9:00 am PDT 24/07/2017 By AnimationXpress Team

The first trailer of Marvel’s Inhumans introduced all the members of the Royal Family. However it looked rather dry and plain except for Lockjaw’s entry. The second trailer was released at San Diego Comic-Con Thursday night and we now have something to look forward to. In the previous trailer, we did not get a glimpse of anyone’s superpowers, as it was strictly establishing the background of the Royal Family politics which would bring the Inhumans and humans at the brink … Read More

Fenil Comics launch new series ‘The Enlightened’ at MICA University
3:03 pm PDT 19/07/2017 By Sachin Bhat

India’s leading indigenous comic publishers, Fenil comics have launched their latest creation ‘The Enlightened’ at the MICA University in Ahmedabad.An unconventional blend of mythology and real events, the comic revolves around a certain Siddharth, who embodies the very DNA of lord Gautam Buddha. However, he hails from a family who run a weaponry business. The Enlightened was launched at the marketing and communication management institution MICA in Ahmedabad. Fenil Sherdiwala himself explains the reason for choosing this place. He said, … Read More