‘1002’: An unusual comic series with no words
7:00 pm PDT 11/08/2018 By Sharmindrila Paul

As Thomas Carlyle once said, “Speech is silver, silence is golden”, sometimes words and dialogues are ‘unnecessary stain on silence’. Silence in itself speaks volume and in some cases, use of words may bring down the essence of any art form. Perhaps this thought triggered PhD student-cum-comic artist Shounak Datta in creating a dialogue-less project, 1002. As unique as its title sounds, the comic revolves around two strangers – a fashionable young lady and a nerd who meet during a commute. … Read More

‘Magic: The Gathering’ to return to comics in November
11:30 am PDT 09/08/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

The digital and trading collectible card game Magic: The Gathering is returning to comics with new series after the first in 2013. The new series titled Magic: The Gathering – Chandra will be written by Vita Ayala (Supergirl, The Wilds) and illustrated by Harvey Tolibao (X-Men, Green Arrow). The series will revolve around Chandra Nalaar, a planeswalker and pyromancer. Set to launch in November, the series will be set in the near future of multi-universe and will show untold stories … Read More

Disney announces new comics line ‘Disney Princess’ with an adorable set of merchandise
2:00 pm PDT 07/08/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

After Disney’s acquisition of Marvel, ongoing debate about which female heroes from the comics will become a Disney princess, started making rounds. While such a transition is yet to happen, the opposite has occurred. Disney has announced a new Disney Princess comics line, as reported by Nerdist.  Produced by Joe Books, the first comics line will see a series of hardcover graphic novels featuring Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle, Pocahontas and Jasmine. These collection of ‘bite-sized comic strip stories’ that focus on … Read More

Purple Turtle
Education Edge to Introduce Purple Turtle Comic Strips
4:00 pm PDT 03/08/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Education Edge, an educational newspaper in Madhya Pradesh has acquired the rights to publish Purple Turtle comic strips and activities, in a recent deal with Aadarsh, the licensor of the brand. A suite of fun activities, puzzles and brain-teasers featuring Purple Turtle will be published for kids from second to ninth standard. The content is aimed at promoting the mental faculties of children by providing them a smarter and more enjoyable learning experience. “Our association with Education Edge opens up yet another opportunity … Read More

Fenil Comics
When it’s all about comic books—an exclusive interview with Fenil Sherdiwala
4:00 pm PDT 02/08/2018 By Shibani Shah

Given our love for comic books, there are a very few Indian comic book publishers who have produced remarkable work that the readers have truly enjoyed reading them. One such publisher, Fenil Comics, have developed various popular books based on superhero and superhuman genre. The brainchild of Fenil Sherdiwala, Fenil Comics believes in the principal of providing original content with quality prints. The same is applied in their upcoming comics that are highly anticipated as the story will be both … Read More

Archie’s comic book series adapted into a video
1:00 pm PDT 02/08/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

In partnership with Nerdist, Sportify will be coming up with six issues of motion comics. These issues of Archie’s 2015 comic book will be a reboot in the form of a video on the streaming platform. They will include feature music and voice acting alongside the original comic illustrations. The comic series will be called as Spotlight Archie – The New Riverdale. The new series will be based on the 2015 Archie comic book which was written by Mark Waid and … Read More

Holy Cow adds five comic titles to its universe
6:00 pm PDT 01/08/2018 By Yugandhara Shete

Holy Cow Entertainment, the publisher of comics in India with their commitment towards giving the best and unique comic line to their fans is here with five more titles. With comic books playing the role of a powerful medium in the field of entertainment, Holy Cow comics has understood the art to flourish in today’s tough Indian market. Fans connect with the publication because of its contemporary stories which are Indian in their own way and strike a strong bond … Read More

Catch all the ‘Pokemon’ digital manga from Viz Media
11:00 am PDT 30/07/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Viz Media launches the digital library of Pokemon manga titles. The release roll-out began last week and will continue each month through the start of 2019 on Viz’s official website, the Viz Manga app, and partner platforms including Nook, Kobo, Kindle, iBooks, comiXology and Google Play. “The bestselling Pokémon Adventures have captivated readers of all ages. This extremely popular series features action-packed story arcs inspired by the video games. We’re thrilled to now offer fans access to their favorite stories … Read More

Before watching ‘Shazam!’ in 2019: Read ‘Shazam!’ comic books now
4:30 pm PDT 27/07/2018 By Shibani Shah

Shazam! is the newest entry into the superhero genre that shows superpower is the key to diminishing every evil. For all superheroes who are popular and have had multiple movie adaptations, Shazam! is only a newcomer starting its race with the established superheroes in the movie market. It has not appeared in many cartoons, series, or movie adaptations as compared to the ones enjoying the stardom such as Batman, Iron Man, and Superman. Comic books may have various superheroes which … Read More

DC Comics
DC Comics publishes 16-page blank comics for 24-Hour Comic Day
1:00 pm PDT 27/07/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

DC Comics had announced at San Diego Comic-Con that for 24-Hour Comic Day this October, they will be creating their own blank comics with 16 pages, fea­turing the same uncoated 80-pound paper used on DC’s blank variant covers. The blank comics will include Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman logos on them. Breaking the rule, DC Comics will create a 16-page blank comic in 24-hour comic timespan. The 24-Hour Comic Day challenge demands a 24-page comic book, in accordance with Scott McCloud, and championed … Read More

Meta Desi Comics gearing up for the fifth issue of ‘Holy Hell’ and their flagship anthology-‘Ground Zero: Volume IV’
7:00 pm PDT 26/07/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Founded roughly in 2013, by writer/artist Akshay Dhar, Meta Desi Comics has created a delightful mixed bag of comic books that involved some of the talented Indian writers and artists – both known and unknown. Dhar and his co-writer (read: partner-in-crimes-and-comics) Zafar Khurshid along with illustrator Abhijeet Kini and artist/team-player, Anant Sagar, are now currently creating the fifth issue of their popular comic book, Holy Hell, to be out in 2019 during the Comic Con convention cycle. First launched in … Read More

Indian Mythology
Mythology and comics: some incredible Made-In-India stories to read
5:00 pm PDT 26/07/2018 By Shibani Shah

Just like all generations that have come and gone, there would be comic book stories that will come and go, but the legendary stories based on mythology will stay here forever. It is our mythology that defines the culture of India which is created years ago and is evolving decade after decade; it is our mythology that speaks about the origins of Indian traditions and values; it is the mark of our existence. Mythology-based comics reflect the attitude and feeling … Read More