Comic Con India
The guest and artist list for Delhi Comic Con 2016 has been revealed
8:00 pm PDT 28/11/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Comic Con is undoubtedly one of the biggest (or perhaps the biggest) event revolving around the pop culture. The Indian audience has also caught on to the essence of the event as the recently concluded Bengaluru Comic Con was well received. Now it’s time for the Delhi edition of the event and the full list of participating artists has been released. It will be held from 9 to 11 December at NSIC Ground Okhla. Here’s a list of special guest/artists attending the … Read More

TBS Planet
TBS Planet launches a mobile based comic reading app “TBS Planet Comics”
1:00 pm PDT 16/11/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

The Bengaluru based comics studio, TBS Planet, announced its mobile app titled “TBS Planet Comics” for reading comics., founder and CEO, Rajeev Tamhankar said, “We want people to fall in love with the world of imagination once again. We want people to be able to read comics anytime anywhere for free. There is a major population today that travels to offices and colleges in cabs, buses or local trains. We want these people to be able to read comics … Read More

Mighty Girl
A new female superhero ‘Mighty Girl’ launched by Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment and Graphic India
11:15 am PDT 14/11/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

India would now have a new female superhero to ignite the imaginations and foster the inspirations of children all across the country – Mighty Girl! And it’s coming from the studios that gave us Chakra The Invincible – Graphic India and POW! Entertainment. The new “Chakra The Invincible and Mighty Girl” comics were unveiled on stage at the Bengaluru Comic Con as four original comics that will be given away free to children across India and the world digitally. Graphic … Read More

Durga Cover Vimanika Comics
Preview: Durga: The Legends by Vimanika Comics
4:30 pm PDT 29/10/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Story by: Shashank Avvaru Art by:  Dildeep Singh, Alessio Mariani Publisher: Vimanika Comics Age group: 12 – 60  years Price: Rs 100 + Poster Free /Perfect Bind Here’s the synopsis of the comic: Her courage knows no bounds. Her strength has no limits. Her love sees no obstacles. Yet, every time she descends her challenge is greater than before, her test harder than before and her enemy more powerful than before. This one hundred page Mytho/Ancient Historical epic collects three … Read More

Surgeon X
Review: Surgeon X #01 by Image Comics
11:30 am PDT 29/10/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Title: Surgeon X (Part 1) Story: Sara Kenney (UK) Art: John Watkiss (UK) Colourist: James Delvin (UK) Publisher: Image Comics (USA) Editor: Karen Berger (USA) Pages: 44 colour pages Price: $3.99 Release Date (Print & Digital): 26 September 2016 Age rating: 17+ only Come December and you would see the 25th anniversary of the copyright initiation that formed the way for Image Comics’ launch. Against the idea of Marvel owning up all the creative rights for the characters they’ve created, … Read More

DOC M Cover Kalapani Comics
Exclusive preview: Doctor M by Kalapani Comics
7:00 pm PDT 27/10/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Story by: Shashank Avvaru Art by: Revin Publisher: Kalapani Comics Age group: 12 – 45 years Pages: 31 center pinned comic strip Price: Rs 99 Post its first two comic launches Kaged Muscle and Eldritch Chronicles, the contemporary imprint of Vimanika Comics – Kalpani Comics is set to launch to launch its third title Doctor M. Here’s the synopsis of the comic: One minute, Dr. Harsh Nigam – reputed homoeopathic practitioner, inventor, researcher is lost in a world of microorganisms … Read More

Mumbai Comic con 2016
Mumbai Comic Con 2016: A drab experience with good comic and artist line-up
8:00 pm PDT 26/10/2016 By Prerna Kothari

With actor Ajay Devgn and the crew of his upcoming movie Shivaay being present at the Mumbai Comic Con, the sixth edition of the Mumbai con ended on a high note. With the approach of this year’s most awaited releases: Doctor Strange and The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, we got to witness new instalments at the convention. Promoting Fantastic Beasts was Warner Bros’ Wand Master Training Booth where people learnt to use wands to create official spells, … Read More

Phanto The Llongos amulet 1
Review Llongo’s Amulet: When being lucky is your bad luck
11:00 am PDT 26/10/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Title: Llongo’s Amulet Story: Donne Avenell (UK) Art: Heiner Bade (German) Publisher: Frew Comics (Australia) Editor: Dudley Hogarth (Australia) Pages: 36 B&W Price: Aus $3.50 Release Date (Print): 07 October 2016 Age group: All Ages Recently BBC ran a mini series titled “Lucky Man” which was written by Stan Lee, the legendary comic’s creator. Lucky Man is all about a mysterious bracelet which brings good luck to those who are wearing it. The hero of the story wakes up and … Read More

DC Comics Rebirth Batman Beyond 01 cover
Review: Batman Beyond: Rebirth #01 by DC Comics
1:30 pm PDT 05/10/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Title: Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1 Story: Dan Jurgens Art: Ryan Sook Publisher: DC Comics (USA) Editor: Jim Chadwick Pages: 32 colour pages Price: $2.99 Date (Print & Digital): 28 September 2016 Age group: Teen For those who came in late, Batman Beyond was an animated TV Series which was on air in 1999. The timeline is such that, the people of Gotham city haven’t seen Batman for a good 20 years and chaos prevails everywhere. Amidst this, an untamed youth … Read More

Hyderabad Comic Con 2016 1
Hyderabad becomes more receptive towards Comic Con, say the exhibitors
7:00 pm PDT 28/09/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Hyderabad Comic Con 2016 was flooded not with rains but with the comic fanatics who were eagerly waiting for this pop culture event since a year. Held on 24 and 25 September, 2016 at Hitex Exhibition Centre, like every year, this year too the show hosted a spectacular line-up of events including special international guest appearances, exclusive experiential and gaming zones, artist alley, fans sessions, cosplay, book launches  and much more. Comic Con India, founder, Jatin Varma shared, “Four years … Read More

The crying idol phantom
Review: Phantom #1764 The Crying Idol by Frew Publications
12:30 pm PDT 27/09/2016 By AnimationXpress Team

Title: The Crying Idol Issue No: 1764 Story: Georges Bess Art: Claes Reimerthi Publisher: Frew Publications Editor: Dudley Hogarth Pages: 34 Pages in B & W Price: Aus $3.50 Date: 26 September 2016 For those who came in late, Frew is the longest running comics magazine publisher in Australia. Started in 1948 by four gentlemen whose first letters formed the brand imprint, Frew is now owned by the fantastic pair of Rene White and Glenn Ford. The publishing editor is the … Read More

the beatles cover
Campfire pays tribute to ‘The Beatles’ with its graphic novel
7:00 pm PDT 24/09/2016 By Prerna Kothari

Author: Jason Quinn Illustrator: Lalit Kumar Sharma Publisher: Campfire Age group: All ages Price: Rs 399 Being ‘arguably’ the biggest rock band in the world is something which doesn’t come easily. Behind the stardom there’s the hidden struggle and stories, and encapsulating their journey is Campfire’s graphic novel ‘The Beatles: All Our Yesterdays’. Recently, the Beatles completed 50 years (of being a famous band) and that’s when the idea to pen this graphic novel dawned upon the Campfire team. Says … Read More