Syenagiri sews an assortment of fascinating stories in ‘Bangalore: A Graphic Novel’
4:00 pm PDT 29/01/2018 By Sachin Bhat

Where Ramya Ramakrishnan, a budding artist, lounges at a coffee shop in the suburban Bangalore fantasising about the possibilities of a travel through time, a certain Appupen plods twenty years ahead of the present to a dystopic setting of the Garden City. And not far away, Prashant Miranda is busy reminiscing the days gone by in the heart of Karnataka, a ‘meditation on memory.’ These and many more heart-warming tales are at the foreground of Syenagiri’s latest venture Bangalore: A … Read More

Titan Comics to publish Kirby and Kane’s comic ‘The Prisoner’ in July
6:00 pm PDT 23/01/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

As Titan Comics turns 50 this year, its time to unlock the comic trove and give an untended work its due as The Prisoner is finally on its way to the comic stands. The American publication plans to commemorate its golden jubilee by putting out Jake Kirby and Gil Kane’s unreleased graphic novel in the public domain in prints, 50 years after its completion. Based on the cult British espionage television series of the same name, the legendary comic writing … Read More

How Holy Cow Entertainment revived itself after a sloppy 2017
4:00 pm PDT 18/01/2018 By Sachin Bhat

Although the curtains have been long drawn on the year of 2017, it was the one of struggles and eventual redemption for Holy Cow Entertainment that makes it special in its own way. With only four releases to show – two editions each of Age of Immortals and Caster – in the calendar year, the Navi Mumbai-based comic publication house went through a lean period that compelled co-founder Vivek Goel to go back to the drawing board and contemplate a … Read More

Of comics and sports: How Sportwalk honoured Rahul Dravid in their latest publication
5:30 pm PDT 17/01/2018 By Sachin Bhat

Comics and sports don’t normally go hand-in-hand. But they sure find a significant place in our lives at varying times. At Chennai-based Sportwalk though, the two entities are more than just in chorus, for they come together in a unique vertical to celebrate the passion of sports through the mania of comics. Started as an initiative to build fan communities of different sports by Divakar KS and Adheedhan, the sports-merchandise-sports blog has tapped into the comics sphere recently with the … Read More

Amar Chitra Katha’s secret behind the creation of Mizoram supergirl ‘Wingstar’
11:00 am PDT 15/01/2018 By Sachin Bhat

After the success of Aisha and Maya from SuperWeirdos and PsyMage, Amar Chitra Katha (ACK) rolled out its third superheroine last year in the shape of Mapui Kawlim, a 13-year old girl from Mizoram who pulls off some funky gadgets by her scientist father to fight crimes under the name Wingstar. Whilst the comic was an instant hit, little is known about the pains taken to bring it all about. How was the character conceived and designed; what’s the secret … Read More

How the origins of DC’s Joker still remain a mystery
2:00 pm PDT 13/01/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Since his creation in the early 1940s, the Joker has been one of the most iconic villains ever designed for a comic book, so much so that his appearance in movies and games have served to glorify the cult. Yet, despite the character’s fame and storied history, there are a few mysteries that are left unresolved like his true identity, his back story and who actually created him. But wait, there’s more; DC’s Geoff Johns seemed fit to drop the … Read More

DC brings back the Lego mania with the release of ‘Lego DC Super Heroes: The Flash’ trailer
1:00 pm PDT 11/01/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Since the release of the hilarious Lego Batman on 17 February 2017, the fans clamoured for another Lego flick to hit the silver screen. And now, the wait is almost over as DC released the trailer of its upcoming comic caper Lego DC Super Heroes: The Flash. The trailer teases plenty of elements with numerous superheroes, traditional DC locations and sidekicks all involved, though the story shares some resemblance to the comic Flashpoint. But that’s not all, the trailer also features two formidable villains, the … Read More

Diamond Gem Awards announces nominations for excellence in comic industry
5:00 pm PDT 10/01/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

Another year dawns upon the comic book industry across the globe, promising more creativity and work of art. While publishing houses have set their calendars for the release of brand new comics, we still need to revere the wonderful graphic novels that were released in 2017. The Diamond Gem Awards is back for its 2017 edition with a whole new list of nominees that will be voted by the comic book retailers of the direct market. DC, Marvel and Dark … Read More

How Onomatopo is spreading edutainment in Gujarat through comics
11:00 am PDT 10/01/2018 By Sachin Bhat

With each passing year, more interesting and intriguing comics foray into the comic stands. Some pack a punch in its storytelling, whilst some allure with its colourful, vibrant graphics. New Delhi-based Onomatopo treaded the same lines with their recent publication Akbar-Birbal aur Kitaunuon ka Aatank. But the only difference? It was published in Gujarati! A creative vertical of PepperScript, which also provides graphic design and animation services alongside children’s book publishing imprint, it was an initiative to educate the young, school-going … Read More

Releases galore for Aniruddho Chakraborthy’s Chariot Comics in an eventful 2018!
2:00 pm PDT 08/01/2018 By Sachin Bhat

The year of 2018 would be the one set in stone for Chariot Comics. With as many as four different titles lined-up, Aniruddho Chakraborthy and co. are all set to take the Indian comic sphere by storm. It has been a long time coming, but the VRICA: Dawn of the Wolf writer recollects the rough and tumble they’d been through last year to bring it all about. “To be honest, 2017 was a relatively slow year. We spent most of … Read More

Gotham City’s commissioner Gordon celebrates his seventy-ninth birthday!
6:00 pm PDT 04/01/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

What is a vigilante without an ally or a close friend? Every superhero present in every universe has one, two or even three allies that they can count on. James W. Gordon is one such character that’s both friend and a father-like figure to Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman. The birthday of James Gordon is celebrated every year on 5 January, to honour the life and qualities illuminated by the actions of this character. The character made his debut in 1939 in … Read More

DC launches first issue of the Cold War series ‘Exit Stage Left’
4:00 pm PDT 03/01/2018 By AnimationXpress Team

It’s only been three days since the year has begun and DC Comics has announced a new series to add to their band wagon- Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles. With Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles, it seems DC is taking a bold new direction. The story brings to light the events that took place during the Cold War in the year 1953, when USA was locked in nuclear arms race with the Soviet Union. The synopsis for the very first issue goes like … Read More