VFX Case Study: Ajintha
12:23 pm PDT 16/05/2012 By Khushali Jobalia

The CG and VFX for the Nitin Desai’s Ajintha is designed by RIGHT CLICK STUDIOS (RCS). RCS is a fully owned subsidiary of Art And Artistes’ (I) Pvt. Ltd., a company founded by DURGA JASRAJ.’s Khushali Jobalia had a conversation with Amol Thakur, the VFX Supervisor of the movie and the cofounder of Right Click Studios, on all that went behind the VFX of Ajintha, the film that in Thakur’s words, has “opened realm of possibilities for VFX in the Marathi film industry.” Read More

Ra.One bags National Award for VFX; Case Study on Ra.One
8:00 am PDT 08/05/2012 By Farhatnaz Ansari

The Big Daddy of all VFX Films ever made in India, the film that has the most staggering number of VFX shots, that thanks to the combination of brilliant VFX work and equally strong marketing campaign brought the entire country’s attention to VFX, the film that has swept and bagged VFX accolades and Awards all over the world, that film ‘Ra.One’ also has just recently won the most prestigious National Award. brings to you conversations with RedChillies. VFX Supremos Keitan Yadav, Haresh Hingorani and the magnificent team that heralded the VFX on Ra.One, and yes it was also the film which had the most amount of inspired Indian VFX artists (and International too) invest their sweat, blood and cheer! Read More