May 4-2012
Vismayas Max animation studios bags two awards at the Delhi CG Animation Awards

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala based VISMAYAS MAX ANIMATION STUDIOS recently won two awards at the Delhi CG Animation Awards. They were awarded for the best Professional 2D short film and second Best 2D Student animated short film.

The 04 minute long ‘ROMEOSPIKES’ directed by K.D.Shybu won the award in the professional category and Razeem Rafeeq with his 01 minute long musical comedy, ‘STONE AGE DOODLES’ won the student category.

Other nominations for 2D Open Category were Self Esteem, Stone Age doodles, Wish, Bharat Bhagya Vidhata and Cobica and nominations for 2D Professional category were Lo Life, Romeo Spikes, Shakti-Maan Ep1 andShakti-Maan Ep 2.

Vismayas Max Head of Pre Production Deepak Sivarajan shared the studio’s reaction at winning the Award with, “It was unexpected, the film was really inspired from the life and mysterious death of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain. Actually, we are a small creative group, engaged in commercial pipelines. We are really spending our extra time, saved from the actual production to do such creative activities. We got inspired and experimented a different kind of off-beat story telling, kind of a unique way of approaching the real content…..We had shown the short film in various festivals inside and outside India, where it was well appreciated….so I cant tell you that we never expected but by the end everything turns good.”

“The awards mean alot to a creative team like us. Awards, of course they are tempting. But every artist knows the pain behind every production, even though they are well paid. These films are really made to satisfy ourselves for being in the industry and awards, completes the level of satisfaction for everyone” added Deepak.

In VismayasMax, they work on two different levels. They have a primary level team of working professionals, working on International production pipe lines. And another is the student’s level team in the academic division. It was a great thing for Vismayas Max to win Award in both these categories

“The efforts made by the Delhi CG Awards crew and its sponsors were amazing. Such events must happen to empower the animation industry in India, also they provide a great opportunity to show and analyze different IPs, that’s one good thing for production houses & young film makers” concluded Deepak.