February 15-2013
TASI to Organize a Full Day Model Animation Workshop by Vaibhav Studios tomorrow at Nagpur

Now comes an exciting stop motion treat for animation lovers at Nagpur!!

The Animation Society of India, TASI, is all set to introduce its first ever workshop at Nagpur on Stop Motion Animation by Vaibhav Studios, one of the noted and chief animation studios of India. The workshop titled ‘A Full Day Model Animation Workshop’ would be conducted tomorrow, 16th February, between 10am-6pm at Ravindranath Tagore Gallery, Nagpur.

TASI aims at spreading animation knowledge across various cities in India to benefit the animation aspirants and get them into the perfect groove of understanding varied mediums of animation.

Sharing about the idea behind the first ever TASI session at Nagpur, Akshata Udiaver, Honorary Secretary of TASI, shares, “It’s always a pleasure for the TASI team to take our sessions to new cities and share the knowledge and the fun with a whole new audience. Several animation enthusiasts from in and around Nagpur had been requesting us for a long time to bring the sessions to their city.

At the same time, we’ve observed that stop-motion and clay modeling workshops are all time favorites amongst students. With one of our senior volunteers Abhishek Acharya offering complete support in organizing all the local logistics and registrations, everything just fell into place beautifully and we were able to organize this hands-on workshop in Nagpur. We look forward to a large number of people attending and learning from their favorite animator, our very own Vaibhav Kumaresh and his team from Vaibhav Studios.”

An engaging line up of this workshop would offer an in-depth practical awareness about stop motion animation. Beginning with an introduction to stop motion animation, the workshop will advance towards screening of films developed using different techniques. Vaibhav Studios team will then demonstrate live the entire process of model animation right from creation of a puppet armature, setting up for the shoot, action analysis, displacement animation, replacement animation, the shoot as well as final playback of the shot footage.

null“Stop motion is a beautiful medium of animation. It is also a medium rarely taught in training institutes in our country. Hence TASI tries to fill that gap regularly by conducting this workshop. In addition, participants would get to create their own puppet armatures. They would be closely guided by senior stop motion artists and all materials would be provided by TASI.” Shares, Vaibhav Kumaresh, Founder of Vaibhav Studios and Committee Member of TASI

Admirers of stop motion animation medium are welcome to attend this workshop and TASI also invites digital modelers, riggers, texturing artists and animators to gain this experience.

Vaibhav adds, “There is no Ctrl Z in the stop motion medium. Hence an artist has to ‘think’ and ‘focus’ harder while working on stop motion projects.”

Experienced and Dynamic experts from Vaibhav Studios, Arvind Chudasama and Chandni Chudasama would be leading the workshop along with Vaibhav. And to guide the participants, Committee Member of TASI Shailesh Narnaware and Senior Volunteer Abhishek Acharya, would be present with their teams.

Vaibhav informs, “Arvind Chudasama is a very close friend and a senior independent animation artist, highly experienced in all mediums of animation. Chandni Chudasama heads animation production at our studio and is one of the founding members of the studio, is a strong force behind all our animation projects of stop motion, hand drawn 2D or digital 3D animation.”

Registrations for the event are on!!!! You can register on the spot for this workshop and to know more about the participation fee, log on to http://www.tasionline.org/2013/01/stopmotion-animation-in-nagpur/