October 7-2013
Purple Turtle Apps To be Published Worldwide by Gazoob

Gazoob, a UK based developer and publisher of educational and younger generation friendly digital apps, eBooks and games, will now develop and represent Purple Turtle Apps Worldwide. Gazoob provides non-contentious and reliable content for the younger  generation from age five upwards and provides a resource where content is educationally sound, just plain fun, interesting and ensures quality by avoiding inappropriate content.

Purple Turtle , licensed by Aadarsh Pvt Ltd ,is a Kids Luxury brand  which publishes NCERT approved Preschool, Nursery, School books, activity based books and puzzle books. Purple Turtle is of the firm belief that children are inquisitive, innovative, capable and books play a  vital role in developing a child’s  intellectual capacity which leads to the overall development of the child.

N. K. Krishnanand, National Sales Manager, Purple Turtle, says, “We are very happy to have this exciting relationship with Gazoob and that they will now represent our Purple Turtle Apps worldwide. With their focus on children’s apps, we wish to expand more and attain new heights along with them. Purple Turtle apps will offer further support to children in order to make them learn, understand and grow; Gazoob will now assist us with further reach potential.”

Purple Turtle is a cute character that helps a child grow and learn in the fun way. Purple Turtle is very appealing to both the genders and is what exactly makes a child interested in reading and learning.

Purple Turtle through their consistent devotion to the education sector and with their various apps, have now attracted Gazoob to develop and publish their apps worldwide. We are delighted to be working with Gazoob”, adds N.K. Krishnanand.

Gazoob has a team of experts which specializes in creating, promoting and selling interactive educational content for the younger generation.

Ray Maguire, CEO, Gazoob, says,’We’re delighted to add Purple Turtle to our growing portfolio of children’s titles. It’s a perfect fit for any child around the world learning to read”