January 31-2013
Toonz Animation Partners with US Based Friends of Bark Buddies to ‘Spark a Nature-Child Reunion’ with New Animated Series

Trivandrum based animation major, Toonz Animation has signed up with Los Angeles based Friends of Bark Buddies ®for the development, production, financing and distribution of a 3D animated children’s series titled Bark Buddies ®, based on the cool Bark Buddies ®Trees. Zymr Inc. and Planting Tomorrows – both US based Companies now grafted together as “Friends of Bark Buddies®”, is dedicated to growing better global communities through engaging, nature based entertainment.

Developed by former radio talk show host and nature educator, Constance Nelson; Bark Buddies ®is an animated multi-media series that motivates kids to discover the great outdoors and to reconnect with nature and all things green. Bark Buddies ®will be a one of its kind show that can pull kids away from the sedentary, unhealthy lifestyles stuck indoors to unplug and connect with the green spaces where they can play, plant, explore and get back to “digging” nature again.

“We’re excited about “Sparking a Nature-Child Reunion” and guiding kids to an interactive new “fun-tier” – the great outdoors!  The Bark Buddies ®multimedia TV series is not just “sit back and watch TV”, it’s hands on engagement with the best teacher of all, nature!”, says P. Jayakumar, CEO Toonz Group.

Toonz and FOBB are cross pollinating with key partners of kindred vision to bring the Bark Buddies ®Trees alive for kids worldwide.“We’re focused on creating social media platforms that enable young children to appreciate the diversity of nature and society”, said Ashok Desai, CRO & Founder of Zymr Inc.

The Bark Buddies ® series also promises to offer parents and educators a natural, integrated, cross curriculum approach on which earth sciences, nutrition, fitness, arts and sustainable life patterns can be taught through the power of play and direct experiences.

“Kids are born with an innate sense of wonder for nature and instinct to play – that’s how they learn, so we’re tapping into those natural senses and planting seeds of “fun-by-nature” learning about growing up healthy and happy in every “episeed” storyline.”, says creator, Constance  Nelson.

With eco-friendly merchandise based on the show’s characters already making waves in McDonalds, Walmart, parades, classrooms, and events, the series is slated to branch out into books and games as well.