May 30-2013
Nick launches PakdamPakdai, brand new hilarious chase comedy

Kids have geared up for Nick’sbrand new comedy show, Pakdam Pakdai.The channel continues to keep its promise of providing exceptional entertainment for Nicksters with the launch of its’ third home-grown show,Pakdam Pakdai after the successful launch of ‘MotuPatlu’ and ‘Keymon Ache’. Kids can enjoy the bollywood flavored dialogues and the crazy characters from the show from Monday to Friday at 6:30 PM on Nick.

Nick and Toonz animation have come together to give kids Pakdam Pakdai – A chase comedy, that is a rollicking adventure between a friendly but gullible dog Doggy Don, and the three naughty mice that live in his house – Chotu, Lambu and Motu. Doggy Don is aided in his futile but fun attempts to defeat the miceby his older brother Colonel, an ex-army dog who is smarter than Doggy Don, but not as smart as the three mice. Each story in the series deals with some mischief that the mice create and the havoc that ensues in Doggy Don and Colonel’s life. Ranging from stealing Doggy Don’s food to setting fire to his house and trying to steal his girlfriend, the mice will go to any length just to irk the dogs.

Speaking about this new show, Nina Elavia Jaipuria, Executive Vice President & Business Head, Kids’ Cluster, Viacom 18 Media Pvt Ltd,says, “Nick pioneers into unchartered territory to create a hilarious Indian chase comedy based on the evergreen kids game catch and cook (Pakdam Pakdai). With the launch of Pakdam Pakdai, Nick continues to keep its promise of providing exceptional entertainment and engagement to Kids.”

Mr.P.Jayakumar, CEO of Toonz Animation India comments, “Pakdam Pakdai is one of the most unique shows that we have created. We have enjoyed every bit of creating it and we hope the kids enjoy watching it on Nick just as much.”

So kids, get ready to meet the new frenemies in town! Don’t miss to catch the edgy and hilarious comedy series, Pakdam Pakdai every Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm, only on Nick!

Character Annexure

Doggy Don: The genial dog who lives in the house where all the action takes place or originates from. He’s genuinely gullible, peace-loving and easy to fool and will try and get back what is his from his enemies by harmless means, usually. It is his bad luck that he is dealing with the ultra-violent 3 mice who will not back down.
Colonel: Don’s elder brother, Fauji is a hard-core ex-army dog – high on jingoism and brawn and low on brain. He makes up for Don’s general peaceful demeanor by being ultra-violent. Even though his antics are usually out-done by the 3 mice who knock him out regularly.

Motu – As the name suggest, the fat mouse who is greedier than the other two. He has a tiny pot belly and a massive appetite for anything, whether it is food or bones or even cartons – anything that can be eaten and digested. He usually is the cause of most of the trouble since he wants to eat more than the other 2 mice. He is also the baby of the group, the youngest mouse.

Lambu– The cool dude, that tall mouse who is more of an operations guy. Lambu has the unfair advantage of being slightly distant and does not care for anything other than doing what Chotu tells him.

Chotu – The brains of the group, he is the agent provocateur of the trio. He is the one who provides all the explosives and the insane ways and plans of getting even with Don and Colonel. The oldest mouse, he always has plans to try and cause massive trouble for Don.
Ballu – The massive bulldog who lives next door.Ballu has a mean temper and a meaner bark, but the worst is his bite. Don is afraid of him, as a Colonel, though they might not show it.