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May 21-2012
Key Frames Animation Studio on board with its new DVD movie “Torpedo”

Kerala based Key Frames Animation Studio is working on its new in house production “Torpedo”. It is a 3D animated, semi cartoon styled DVD movie which is at the final stages of post production.

This 45minuter movie is a sequential story having continuous series which will be released in 4 different languages i.e. Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi as well. The movie is mainly targeted for the age group of 5-12years.

Torpedo is all about a 10yr old kid who turns out to be a super hero with magic goggles.

The movie was completed with a team of approximately 50 artists under the guidelines of Mr . Sandeep, the Producer, Prem Kumar, the Chief executive Producer, Dinjith Ayyathan, the Show Director and Suvi Vijay, the Animation film director

Speaking to about the initial idea for developing the concept for the movie Prem Kumar, Chief executive Producer said that, “A superhero concept was revolving around our mind from a very long time. We always had dreamt of a superhero among us and atlas we were able to…..’ THE TORPEDO KIDZ…..Days and nights, hours long the discussions continued for this superhero exclusively from India with a potential of selling it worldwide. We were able to design the magic goggle and a few aliens to boost up the storyline. I and Dinjith had a great time in building up the story and making it a suspense thriller. It would be a pleasant visual treat for all especially who love watching thrillers. Torpedo will be released as a DVD print with an aim of selling a million copies of it in India. ”

Key Frames Animation Studio is currently working on its new animation film “EMIBOO”.