November 8-2013
Hungama TV to Launch VIR: the Robot Boy Tomorrow

In line with its new look and proposition of Hungama Machaya Kya, Hungama TV will premiere a brand new comedy/adventure Animated series-  VIR: The Robot Boy. The channel was associated with Maya Digital to bring out this 26 episode series on a weekly basis, starting from 9th November, 2013 at 11.30 am. This series is specifically made for kids belonging to the age group of 8- 12 years.

Talking to about how is VIR different from other Super Heroes, Ketan Mehta, Chairman and Managing Director,Maya Digital Studios,says “We created VIR to bring out an innovative character who can be a Science Fiction Robot, having  contemporary modern super powers, beyond mythological concepts.”

VIR is a heartwarming story of a robot with human like qualities and a unique blend of emotions and superhuman abilities. The series follows his humorous escapades as he manages to save through his quick thinking and a wide array of robotic abilities, along with his closest friends – Chulbul the pet Donkey, 8 year old Imli and Gintu, his magical Djinn. VIR is naughty  intelligent, funny ,compassionate, playful and street smart yet has a golden heart, all of which define the kids of today.


250 Artists in total have worked for making this series.“We already have Indian animated shows on air which has become immensely popular. With Vir, we are expanding more. The channels, till now, were basically thriving on recycling of American or Japanese shows. But slowly, they are opening up to the idea of home-grown shows. To penetrate the Indian market, it is important to come up with Indian content that is relatable to the audience,” Ketan adds.

We recently launched a fresh new look for Hungama TV, which embodies a friendly spirit of mischief and spontaneous laughter which is our core proposition for the channel. VIR: The Robot Boy truly celebrates the spirit of childhood and personifies what the channel represents. We are confident that kids will develop a great affinity to the local narrative, humour and situations that Vir and his friends find themselves in” says Devika Prabhu, Director, Programming, Kids Network, Disney UTV.