November 30-2012
Chhota Bheem’s Team in Bali-Indonesia

The work for Chhota Bheem’s 2nd theatrical “Chhota Bheem & the throne of Bali” has kicked off in full swing. The director and a crew of 6 people made a trip to Bali (Indonesia), to do a full spectrum research on locations, folk dance, tales & music and art work (sculptures, paintings and carvings) of the island, for the film. The team visited all the locations that are part of Bali legacy; some of these locations are part of the script and some others would serve as an inspiration to create a wonderful Bali on celluloid. The aim was to ensure authenticity and also to appropriately capture the cultural milieu of Bali.

Music would be the soul of this movie. The director and Music director believe that the music of this film should have an Indian heart, sprinkled with Bali flavor and blossom with a universal appeal. To achieve such seamless integration, the music director Sunil Kaushik also joined the team to study Balinese musical instruments. In the process when he stumbled upon a soulful folk song, an impromptu recording was conducted on war-footing basis. Filmmakers always indulged in such experiments, like Rajkapoor’s ‘ramayya vastavayya’ and recently Zoya Akhtar’sSenorita in ZNMD. With a brilliant start on the music front, Sunil Kaushik took it to next level by composing several tracks with the help of local musicians, while at Bali. He wants to use them for the background score.

Teja Pratap, one of the writers of the movie who was in Bali with the team says, “After 6 months of Pre-production & research, the movie that we have been dreaming of, is finally taking off. In spite of researching a great deal on Bali through internet & books, we made it a point to go to Bali, so that we experience the culture and soak in the subtleties, that would help us enhance the film manifold”

Rajiv Chilaka, the director/producer of the movie says “Right from the scratch we are dreaming big for this film. The production values and scale would be better than the best that Greengold has made so far. And this movie would be one hell of a ride for the audience! We understand there is as much beauty in the ‘detail’, as much as there is in the ‘grandeur’; and the only way to make the beauty of the details stand out, is to research them well. So we went to Bali. Also when a team goes for research, it is a collection of inspired minds at work – such team work will take the movie to the next level….and so from day one I knew we had to go to Bali”