June 4-2012
Anubhav Misra creates graphic designes for Jhumroo

Anubhav Misra, creator of title sequence, graphical sequence and logo

Anubhav Misra,Motion Graphics Designer based in New Delhi recently designed the Animated Logo, Title Sequence and Opening Graphical Sequence for Jhumroo. Jhumroo is the new musical comedy by kingdom of dreams(Kingdom of Dreams is India’s first live entertainment, theatre and leisure destination located at Gurgaon).This musical comedy is packed with 19 Bollywood retro songs, is a celebration of the spirit of Kishore Kumar.

The show has a retro, dance, musical and playful theme. The Title sequence is designed keeping the 70’s graphical styles in mind. The Opening sequence has the silhouette of the lead performer of the show ‘Bhola’ dancing on the beats of the famous song of the 80’s “Om Shanti Om” with vibrant animated retro patterns in the background.

Speaking to Animationxpress.com about the challanges faced, Anubhav Misra, said,”The most challenging part of this project was arriving at the most convincing visual style of the animation so as to match the vibrancy, the musical and playful comical feel of the whole show and amalgamating retro style design patterns and using it to set the mood for start of the show that is an out an out musical comedy packed with 19 bollywood retro songs. We had to go back and forth with the director of the show a few times until we arrived at the desired look that worked for them.”

Further sharing his experiences Anubhav said“I have tried to learn and execute every part of my knowledge in After Effects and other programs like Cinema 4D in my Motion Graphics Design works, and tried to surpass its limitations using creative techniques, 3rd party plug-ins & scripting and literally found it boundless. Also I keep researching about various new plug-ins and their utility in my work.I’m a part of Uncommonsense Films since two years now. My experience at this place has been overwhelming. I’ve learnt a great deal in my time here. And I wish to continue doing so.”

Anubhav Misra has worked on various projects for brands like 7Up, Absolut, Airtel, Fashion, you.com, Fortune hotels, Honda, Incredible India, Indian Express, Nestle, Philips, Samsung, Uninor and Vanish.