June 21-2012
3D mural workshop by Kalakruti creations

KalaKruti Creations is executing a workshop on 3D Mural Art in Bangalore till the 30TH June’12.

KalaKruti Creations consists of a group of artists spreading awareness about 3D mural arts by organizing timely workshops all over India.

This 3D oriented workshop is conducted at Kala Kuteera, Bangalore by prominent artistes from Pune, Mr. Datta Vaidya, B N Mutekar and Kalajyothi, Director of Kalakruthi Mural Creations.

The attendees of this workshop will be acquainted with varied approaches to create Ceramic murals, Glass murals, Siporex murals (stone carving), Mix media murals, Cold glass fusion and Mural furniture.

Each 3D mural art requires its own skill, methodology, chemical preparation and Passion towards gaining the art, hence, the attendees of this workshop will feel contented to carry along with them a piece of 3D art which will add enhancing worth to their walls.

Speaking on the 3d Mural Workshop KalaJyothi, Director, KalaKruti Creations, shared, “The prime motto of this workshop is to spread aliveness about Mural arts which is a traditional Indian art found on the cave walls of Ajantha and Ellora. 
Ancient Art is losing its charm with time; hence, we wish to revive the same with a combination of traditional and modern designs.”

Attendees of this workshop shall be provided with all the raw materials required to create their 3D Mural. The charges of this workshop rest on the mural design chosen by the participants. Each design figure requires different level of efforts, techniques and raw materials

Elaborating more on the Workshop KalaJyothi shared, “This workshop is about grasping unalike techniques of innovating designs that can be brought into reality. The scope of 3D Murals is very extensive and it can range from traditional design to a set of exclusive modern abstract design.”

Those interested to join this workshop at Bangalore can contact Kalajyothi on 919902920134 & to know more about the forthcoming workshops across India, you can contact Mr.Datta Vaidya by visiting www.dattavaidya.blogspot.in